Platform Offering Comparison Table

The Australian Cultural Fund offers crowdfunding in a very different way to how we do it at Pozible, so here's the breakdown.

Fundraising ModelAll or NothingFlexible Funding
Focus AreaCreative & CommunityCreative (Australia only)
Service Fee3-5%5%
Can offer Rewards?YesNo
Funds Payout Timeframe1-12 days30 days
Full Funds Payout Guarantee (no board review)YesNo
Facebook Pixel IntegrationYesNo
Project Approval < 24 hoursYesNo
Accepts Match Lab MatchfundingYesYes
Funds Raised for Artists to date62 million4 Million

Why the 5% service fee?

Our team at Pozible works closely with you to aid in the success of your campaign and provide campaigners with as much knowledge as possible to have positive crowdfunding experiences. In order to keep doing this we require a 5% service fee of successful campaigns- we hope you understand!

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Rich With Functionality

Features you can look forward to on Pozible

Keep 100% of What You Raise
Set a booking fee for your supporters & get them to cover Pozible's service fee.

Pre-filled Campaigns
If you see a campaign you like, use it as a template for your own campaign.

Collect Supporter Data
Download a live spreadsheet with all your supporter data & any extra information you request when they pledge.

Stretch Your Target
After you've reached your inital target, set and aim for as many new stretch targets as you like!

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