Winter on the Blade

'Winter on the Blade' began as an idea to undertake an adventure to an incredible place;  the notorious Blade Ridge on Tasmania's Federation Peak, and film a documentary of the adventure.

The 17 day expedition was completed by a team of 7 in June-July 2016, during Tasmania's wettest winter on record.

With the hope of entering their documentary into international mountain film festivals, including Banff Mountain Film Festival, the ‘Winter on the Blade’ team knew they would need some financial support with the post production of their film.

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Pozible Crowdfunding Campaign

In July 2017, film maker Simon Bischoff and project coordinator Andy Szollosi launched the Pozible campaign which would help make their film a reality.  

They set their crowdfunding campaign to a 4 week duration and set a  goal of $6,500. It took the team 11 days to hit their financial target, and continued to grow on that until the end of their campaign.

By the end of the campaign ‘Winter on the Blade’ had received over 150% of their funding goal in pledges.

Winter on the Blade Campaign

" We are hoping that our film, Winter on the Blade, when released, will help inspire the next generation of adventurers to recognise the absolute necessity of preserving the few wild places that remain on Earth."

The 'Winter on the Blade' Team. 

Moving Forward

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Winter on the Blade

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