Parrots, the Pardalote & the Possum

Saving the population of Swift Parrots in Tasmania from Sugar Gliders.

In Tasmania Sugar Gliders eat Swift Parrots at very high rates, and along with deforestation Swift Parrots are on track to follow the Dodo into extinction.

With research and the implementation of a range of Sugar Glider-proof nest boxes, Dejan Stojanovic and his team believe they can help protect Swift Parrots.

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The Campaign

Budgeting their funds to cover the cost of protective nest boxes, climbing equipment, travel and more, Parrots, the Pardalote & the Possum's $40,000 target was reached in just three days. By the time the campaign closed on May 31st 2017, $73,000 had been pledged by 1156 supporters, some $33,000 over its initial target.

Parrots, the Pardalote & the Possum

The Next Campaign

In October the creators built on their first campaign with Operation PKO, hitting their $40,000 target in just one day, and raising $87,404 by the end of the campaign.

Operation PKO

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