Stephanie Lake Company

Stephanie Lake is a multi award-winning Australian choreographer, dancer and director of Stephanie Lake Company. She has used Pozible as a way to raise part of the funds needed towards two of her works so far.

In 2015 Stephanie successfully crowdfunded her first work as an independent dance company under the Stephanie Lake Company banner. Her Pozible campaign for a contemporary dance called Double Blind was a huge success with 113 supporters pledging to make the production of Double Blind a reality.  

Pile of Bones

In June 2017 the Stephanie Lake company launched their second Pozible crowdfunding campaign for Pile of Bones, a new dance work by award winning choreographer and founder Stephanie Lake.

Pile of Bones examines love, suppression, mutation and the uprising of inner demons and angels. Bodies are encrusted with fluttering armour and caught in sticky webs. From crystal cut precision to wild abandon, Pile of Bones is a visceral and eccentric choreographic and audio-visual exploration of the intricacies of our closest relationships.

The campaign reached its funding goal in less than a month and completely sold out of four different reward types. 

Pile of Bones Campaign

"Stamped with her recognisable choreographic signature: moments of humour woven with the grotesque, work that is unapologetically driven by and constructed around the movement of the human body, and movement that is complex, virtuosic and rigorously articulated."

Jordan Beth Vincent,
The Age (on Double Blind).

Moving Forward

Pile of Bones will premiere at Melbourne's Arts House in August 2017. For more information head to:

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