Mittagundi is an outdoor education centre and pioneer-style farm established with the belief that young people, mountains, purposeful work and challenges are natural partners. Situated on a 400 acre property near the old gold mining town of Glen Valley, on the Upper Mitta Mitta River, north of Omeo, Mittagundi is a home away from home for more than 500 young people each year.

Operating for nearly 40 years, Mittagundi is an independent not for profit organisation that relies on the generous support of their community. All Mittagundi staff are volunteers committing a year to working with 14 - 17-year-olds.

The main purpose of Mittagundi is to provide programs for young people (14 to 17) to explore Victoria’s high country and themselves. They spend time bush walking, camping, abseiling from nearby cliffs, rafting the Mitta Mitta River and helping to run a pioneer style farm - all without electricity!

The atmosphere at Mittagundi is simple, honest and happy. There are no watches, no timetables and no money. Instead there is an opportunity for young people to live and work together in an environment where people matter more than anything else.

The Mittagundi 'Keep Us Warm' Campaign

Up until now the Mittagundi staff have coped with 40 year old heaters that are not efficient and don't keep them warm for long.

As a not-for-profit, Mittagundi can not afford to replace these heaters, but would really love to take care of their volunteer staff who very generously spend their time running the Mittagundi outdoor education centre.

With this in mind, Mittagundi decided to run a Pozible crowdfunding campaign and ask for support from it's generous community. 

In just over a month, Mittagundi received over $15,000 worth of pledges from 73 supporters, making it possible for Mittagandi to purchase the heaters needed to keep their volunteer staff warm duing the harsh Victorian winter weather.
Check out their campaign below

'Keep Us Warm' - Campaign

Check out the Mittagundi Campaign Video

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