Mel Dobra's second album

Three years on from Mel’s first studio album release; Sacred Tides, Mel has gone on to delight crowds internationally, playing at renowned festivals like the Woodford Folk Festival, Splendour in the Grass, The Falls Festival and the Bali Spirit Festival, as well as going on two East Coast tours of her inaugural album; Sacred Tides.  

In January 2017 Mel embarked on the journey of writing her second album. She began writing a body of music whilst visiting the Byron Shire and then completed it in the Dandenong Ranges earlier this year. Mel’s new songs and her music behind them are a reflection of life, songs of the heart, stories of day and night, with themes of reclamation and rising up through adversity. 

The Campaign

As an independent Australian artist, Mel decided to use pozible crowdfunding as a way to raise the funds she needs to complete her studio albums whilst simultaneously rewarding her supporters for their financial support. 

Mel’s first pozible music crowdfunding campaign in 2013 for Sacred Tides was very successful and managed to hit 125% of the financial target with 123 supporters. Having had a successful pozible campaign for her first album, Mel decided to use pozible crowdfunding again as a way to fund her second album.  

Mel launched her second pozible crowdfunding campaign in May 2017 and reached the funding goal in just over a month, this time with 170 supporters and over $10,000 in pledges.

Mel Dobra's Campaign

"I hope that the songs will offer a remedy to the heart, a universal understanding of life, and the growth that comes from life's lessons." - Mel Dobra

Moving Forward

Thanks to her supporters, Mel will be spending much of the next few months in a studio recording her songs for her second album which is set to launch in January 2018.  

She hopes to run many more successful crowdfunding music campaigns in the future and would like to encourge all music lovers to continue to support crowdfunding music campaigns.

"Please keep supporting the arts and music. They unlock the spirit, and offer a remedy to the heart in this crazy world."

See Mel Dobra's website to follow her journey.

Mel Dobra's Website

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