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Join us in presenting Black Hole Theatre’s 10th Puppet Slam!

While the world continues to tear itself apart, we’re putting our Art where our mouth is and putting together an incredible group of new and established puppeteers to lead us into a new world. The world is currently facing immense political upheaval, the erosion of our planet, and a society that has forgotten to care about its neighbour. TURMO!L is a night of new puppetry work that will talk of grief, rage, hope, passion and a changing future.

But we need your help…

Black Hole Theatre is an unfunded not-for-profit arts organisation and we need to raise funds to pay our artists, venue fees, and other production costs in order to give these artists a platform to present their works. DONATE NOW!

TURMO!L will be presented on Friday 19th May 2017 at The Melba Spiegeltent, in Collingwood. 

More details about the event can be found on our Facebook Event.  

Check out the video  of our previous slams presented in metropolitan and regional Victoria and in Sydney.


Black Hole Theatre comprises an ever-evolving group of puppeteers, performers, visual artists, designers, filmmakers, composers and other collaborators. Founded in 1993 in Melbourne, Australia the company is committed to the development of puppetry as a powerful force within contemporary theatre. We engage with artists, initiate dialogues and create pieces that embraces multiple art forms. We create original works, produce events, facilitate the work of independent artists, collaborate with other companies in creating material, and run a variety of workshops for professionals, families and young people. Our work appears in theatres, on the street, in pubs and shop windows.

Our Puppet Slams have been showcasing short and experimental puppetry works since 2011 and provide a much-needed platform for emerging and established artist to trial new work, take risks, encourage the development of new skills, lift artist profiles, and introduce new audiences to adult puppetry in a way that is innovative, relaxed and engaging. Previous performances have tackled big issues while remaining fun, informal and engaging.

A typical evening consists of 8-10 short performances all centred on a given theme. The works may be improvised, taken from an established piece, or presented as a fragment of something new. The aim is to provide puppeteers with the opportunity to lift their profile, show their work and try out new ideas in non-theatre spaces such cafes, pubs and galleries.

How The Funds Will Be Used

Funds will be used in the following ways;

  • Artist and Crew Fees.
  • Venue and Production costs.
  • A tiny bit of marketing.
  • Delivering our rewards
  • Pozible campaign fees.
  • Any remaing funds will be put towards our next Puppet Slam.
    We have had enormous interest from Artists in Sydney and Perth to take part in a Puppet Slam and we hope to present there in the future.

The Challenges

We all know the challenges faced by independent Artists and small Arts companies. Lack of funding and resources.

We also know that a good proportion of the funds we will raise will be through the generosity of our Artist friends and family, most of whom also experience a lack of funding and resources. 

The challenge is to get the word out there to the wider community about our campaign, to broaden our reach and find new audiences to come and support these fabulous artists and their work. Imagine if 30 of our friends could donate $10 and share our campaign with 10 of their friends and family who could then donate $10 each and continue to share our campaign, on and on and on... Our Artists and crew would be paid;  our venue and production costs would be covered;  our modest marketing spend would be paid for; and perhaps, just maybe we could present our next Puppet Slam in Sydney or Perth where we have eager artists waiting for their opportunity to present their own works as part of Puppet Slam. 

Who knows... we may even come up with a solution to mend some of the tears in our broken world.

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AU$150 +A Reserve tickets to the Victorian Opera x 2Victorian Opera's Cunning Little Vixen. One of the great operatic masterpieces of the 20th century, Leoš Janácek's Cunning Little Vixen marvels at the beauty of nature and the process of renewal. This juxtaposition of human and animal life set in an idyllic forest follows the story of Vixen Sharpears: her youth, journey to adulthood, motherhood and death. 22 June – 1 July DETAILS: http://www.victorianopera.com.au/season-2017/cunning-little-vixen/ Valued at $264.00
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AU$5000 +Les Méduses - Private performanceBe transported to an underwater wonderland with a private performance of Les Méduses for your next party or event. Let our awe-inspiring, breathtaking and uniquely magical roving jellyfish puppets float high above your heads, swoop in close to brush your shoulders with their tentacles and swim through the sky in an awe-inspiring aerial display. [Melbourne Only on a date to be negotiated]
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