The Drawing Exchange 2017

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From 7–11 August, 20 artists from across Australia will converge on the National Art School (NAS) in Sydney and Adelaide Central School of Art (ACSA).to create new, experimental drawings on the walls of both campuses, in an open-to-the-public exchange. The results will stay open for exhibition 7–11 August  and exhibition from 11 August – 2 September 2017, which will bring together 20 artists from across Australia to create new and experimental drawings on the walls of the Rayner Hoff Project Space at the National Art School (NAS) in Sydney and the Teaching and Studio Building at the Adelaide Central School of Art (ACSA) in Adelaide. 

The artists "at work" during the exchange week will be a creative performance. They will produce experimental drawings in front of a live and changing audience in unique locations across the two sites. The audience will be encouraged to observe and converse with the artists during the drawing creative they create their drawings.

The artists creating and exhibiting at NAS are: Jonathan McBurnie, Caroline Durre, Suszannah Williams, Annelies Jahn, Zhen, Sally Clarke, Polly Joannou, Liz Bradshaw, Sasha Grbich and Roy Ananda.

The artists creating and exhibiting at ACSA are: Daniel Connell, Joe Frost, Sally Parnis, Johnnie Dady, Rob Gutteridge, Margaret Roberts, Ben Denham, Wendy Murray, Yve Thompson, James Dodd, Christopher Orchard and Luke Thurgate


Wall drawing is the creation of artwork a drawing directly onto a wall. The artwork tends to be temporary, impermanent, large scale, site-specific and made in a public context - an ideal vehicle for challenging the boundaries of what drawing can be.

Wall drawings encompass diverse drawing practices. On one end of the spectrum the tradition is firmly grounded in Sol LeWit’s refined works that are executed directly onto a gallery wall and at the other  the growing tradition of street art.


The Drawing Exchange 2017 is all about interaction between artists and with audiences.

During the wall drawing exchange from 7 – 11 August 2017, you are invited to drop in, experience the creation process and talk with the artists at the Rayner Hoff Project Space and other locations at the NAS in Sydney and the Teaching and Studio Building at the ACSA in Adelaide.

During the exhibition from 11 August – 2 September 2017, you are welcome to visit when the exhibition spaces are open (please check out the NAS and ACSA websites for more detail). All donors to this campaign will also be invited to celebrate with artists and friends at the Drawing Exchange 2017 Launch Party on Friday 11 August in Sydney and Adelaide.

In Sydney, the Drawing Exchange 2017 will also include a lively program of events including artist talks and workshops.

Last but not least , you can follow the progress of the artwork creation and comment via Instagram and Facebook through videos filmed during the installation.


The Drawing Exchange 2017 has a two-tiered creative rationale.

It allows artists to develop and execute new, large scale and ephemeral drawing work live in public spaces. That is, developing ambitious work on a scale that they would not otherwise be able to achieve.

It allows an Australia wide exchange between artists working across a broad range of drawing practices, and between artists and audiences (both new to drawing and familiar), promoting new conversations about contemporary drawing.



NAS is a practitioner’s art school. We are committed to teaching the vital practical skills that form the foundation of a career in the visual arts. Students have access to over 80 eminent practicing artists and art historians, who lecture, lead by example and provide intensive studio-based tuition. It is this through this model that we continue to produce award-winning, distinguished graduates. NAS endeavours to promote interaction with other artists and institutions for our students to enhance their practice. 

ASCA is an independent, not-for-profit, accredited Higher Education Provider that offers intensive training for students looking to develop careers as practising artists. It offers undergraduate degrees, specialist short courses, workshops and masterclasses. In our studio based teaching program we emphasise structured sequential learning developing practical skills in parallel with rigorous intellectual inquiry. As a single-focus art school, all classes are led by lecturers who are leading practitioners in their field. The School is recognised nationally for its excellence in educational practice and student success.

How The Funds Will Be Used

We need to raise $5,000 to cover flights and accommodation for interstate artists, pay artist fees and installation costs. 

The Challenges

An ambitious project of this scale requires complex logistics and planning. In entering this project, the artist's involved are challenging themselves and their practices and we want to support them fully.   

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