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Hi Everyone,

I am very excited to be in a position where I'm ready to get into the studio and record my first Album of original material.!

But I need your help..

As you might know there are many costs involved in doing this. 

Production and studio costs, paying the team, mixing, mastering, promo, printing etc, etc

I'ts been tough lately , trying to save as much as I can and not really getting ahead. 

So I've decided to give this a go and I'm hoping through this Pozible campaign I will be able to produce for you a fantastic album you will enjoy and that I can be proud of.

I'ts been a goal for a long while now and I feel like i could or should have done this years ago, but I feel like I really needed to be 100% confident with the material (perfectionists curse ;)

So here we go !!!!

Any donation would so much appreciated!  I thank you for your support on this journey. :)

Budget Overview

Studio + engineer minimum $700 per day x 3 days = $2100

Musicians and crew - $2500

Printing - $1500

Promo/marketing - $1000

Design -$200

Total = 7,300

Id be so happy just to reach my target to be able to get the ball rolling in the studio.

But if i were lucky enough to go over the target, the things I would use the funds for would be..

* The single/album launch

* Video clip (As i live with such an amazing videographer!!)

* National tour. - Lets take this album on the road and play for friends and family in QLD & VIC!!

* My next goal beyond this album is to return to New Orleans and to record with some friends / absolute Mofo musicians in Louisiana.!! And to make it to Nashville and Texas for some gigs!! 

Oh such a dream :) 

But dreams are what drives us!!

Potential Challenges

For any artist its a challenge to believe in ones art enough to throw themselves in the deep end and to sacrafice a lot to even just start the process. 

I see and know a lot of artist that all have this struggle. 

 To have enough time to put into their craft all the while supporting themselves financially especially in Sydney, one of the most expensive citys in the World. 

It takes a lot of belief in what you are doing to keep going, to live through those rough , dry periods .

Its a challenge , but when we have even little sucesses , break throughs we have to celebrate, we have to aplaud ourselves and the others in this community that are bold and courageous enough work hard and to push through the barriors ! 

Lets support each other! after all what would the world be like with out art, with out music...

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