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DUM VIVA DISCO (latin for WHILE I LIVE I LEARN) is a multimedia performance group that creates original music, visuals and live performance in wonderfully weird, sometimes dark, sometimes funny, sometimes beautiful ways!

Driven by writer/performer BC they have performed at festivals and venues all over Australia and had a No.1 Hit on the Overall Charts on Triple J's Unearthed ahead of other 28,000 songs. 

After recently winning a 2 year battle with cancer, BC is ready to release new album of music, video and other yummy treats called NOT ROCKET SURGERY! 

Instead of the usual CD format, we've decided to create a special Rocket Shaped 16GB USB that you can keep and use to impress your friends!

This new album was Co-produced and recorded by Stuart Stuart who produced Sheppard's international No.1 Hits "Geronimo" and "Let me Down Easy" well as there brand new album.

The NOT ROCKET SURGERY's special Rocket Shaped USB will also feature a bonus song, "The Suppository of All Wisdom", featuring all vocals performed by Tony Abbott himself!

We have also spent the last 12 months working on 4 videos including....

 *A Stop Motion Animation (like they do in Wallace & Gromit etc) for the song called, "WHEN DRUNK TALKS TO STONED" that features a substance-abusing Barbie doll who meets a drunk Ken doll...they go for a drive and destroy the world 

(Yes, it's a love song).

* An amazingly beautiful video for the song , "SAY IT AND YOU MAKE IT SO", featuring drone cameras, Go-pro cameras, hula hooping as an artform and other delicate visuals that will make you SIGH with joy!

* As well as a bonus video of a Live performance.

So we've already spent all our savings and now also owe the Commonwealth Bank thousands of dollars. 

(But hell, those poor bastards need it dont they?)

With the combination of sound & vision in a fun tactile USB, (plus some, literally , tasty REWARDS).... we aim to connect with all your senses.

 (Well, it DOESN'T smell...but you know what we mean)

Budget Overview

150 Rocket Shaped 16GB USBs = $1,750.00

Video Production= $1,000.00

Launch/Marketing = $750.00

Recording/Production/Mastering = $5,500.00

Mailing = $150.00

TOTAL = $9,150.00

Potential Challenges

Having survived Cancer, Radiation, Chemotherapy , Nasty Meds and Surgery...NOTHING CAN STOP ME NOW!

We are 90% complete and almost ready to drop this stuff from a great height!

The only challenge is not believing...AND I BELIEVE WE you??!

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AU$10 +Unsolicited Stalking GiftReceive a hand written Thank-You in the mail in the form of a DUM VIVA DISCO postcard reminding you how wonderful you are and promising you undying Love*.... Plus a Bonus Blank one to send to someone else! (*Love is a subjective term) a 2nd blank postcard for you to spread your own LOVE! (*actual promise may merely be a cynical ploy to get your money)
0 Chosen | Unlimited AvailableEst. delivery is December 2017
AU$25 +Rocket in your Pocket!You receive a Rocket-Shaped 16GB USB containing the new album NOT ROCKET SURGERY (music files in both mp3 AND Full Audio ), 4 music videos, screen savers... plus other digital goodies! Mailed to you anywhere in Australia. The reusable 16GB USB is worth the price alone! (But we strongly suggest you check out the contents too)
10 Chosen | 60 AvailableEst. delivery is December 2017
AU$50 +To Infinity and Beyonce*You receive the hot 16 GB Rocket-Shaped USB containing, new music, video & other digital yummies ... a copy of our last album "KINKY HANKY" exclusive DUM VIVA DISCO NOT ROCKET SURGERY postcards featuring original rude art by the amazing Zoe Hankins! Send to friends for immediate envy and admiration. Reward is Mailed anywhere in Australia (*Beyonce may or may not be a part of this Reward)
11 Chosen | 39 AvailableEst. delivery is December 2017
AU$85 +Let Them Eat (F*cking) CakeYou get the 16GB Rocket usb containing new music, videos and more INCLUDING your name in the album CREDITS! Kinky Hanky 10 DUM VIVA DISCO original art 1 SWEAR WORD CAKE! Thats a freshly baked cake by "Miss Miss Cakes" with your choice of disgusting (but delicious) swear word icing! (Can actually be any word up to 6 letters!). NB: This Reward is hand delivered to BRISBANE AREA ONLY!!
0 Chosen | 10 AvailableEst. delivery is October 2017
AU$200 +Rocket to HeavenThe Not Rocket Surgery 16GB USB with new music, videos KINKY HANKY 5 arty An amazing 3d Religious Artwork personally enhanced by Zoe & Erika Hankins for you to hang on the wall. MUSIC, ART and GOD... You are now complete....
0 Chosen | 5 AvailableEst. delivery is November 2017
AU$500 +Everyone Can Hear You Sing In Space!All the rewards mentioned an Original Song written and recorded especially FOR YOU! You decide the Title! (your lyrics or mine)...... plus a free Singing Lesson from BC AND you get to do backing Vocals (or NOT if you prefer to chicken out) (Must be in Brisbane or able to get there for the lesson & Vocal recording) Your song and voice for posterity....
1 Chosen | 2 AvailableEst. delivery is January 2018