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Legendary Australian jazz/avante-guarde/funk drummer, Lucien Boiteux, better-known in the national music scene as Louis Burdett ("sounds like"), is seeking to buy himself a portable home... which will confer on us, his fellow citizens, the gracious gifts of his vast talents, as it will enable him to:

a) be mobile, in order to perform shows; 

b) provide a roof over his head;  

c) provide a portable recording studio; and

d) have him br available to deliver drumming lessons and workshops (within reasonable proximity to the vicinity in which he is resident, at the time).

Ladies and Gentlemen, would you therefore please consider parting with some of your hard-earned - right now, like, today - for the sake of providing a sustainable musical and residential base for one of this country's most original and enduring drumming talents... and to aid in the resurrection of a much-under-valued, yet highly-lauded Australian musical talent.

*Note: Louis is listed as himself in  'A Dictionary of Australian Music' [by Bebbington, Warren (ed)

See: https://biblio.com.au/book/dictionary-australian-music-bebbington-warren-ed/d/1004632423?aid=frg&utm_source=google&utm_medium=product&utm_campaign=feed-details&gclid=Cj0KCQjwnfLVBRCxARIsAPvl82FMConHrQoZaAoUk8gnvbORexVFvc5tcDHX_O_QUApp-5pLyNhbLSUaAnanEALw_wcB

Media enquiries: Danielle 0459099995 - for callers from outside Australia, please dial 0011  61 4 459099995

Budget Overview

It's real simple: 

Louis requires $2,000 to purchase the mobile home and a further $1000 to buy CTP/Greenslip Insurance (mandatory under Australian law) and also insurance for the vehicle itself

Potential Challenges


Life: it can be pretty challenging. 

We may not make the target if people choose not to donate.

It's 'pozible' he won't get the money anyway, due to how the crowd-funding platform works...at which point you get your donation back anyway if he doesn't make his $3K target... so, you know: please give generously.

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AU$100 +CD - NudeCD of original Australian music, recorded in NYC - personnel: Bassist, Cameron Undy, Saxophonist, Lisa Parrott and guitarist, Carl Dewhurst
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