Let's Make An Economy for Everyone

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Let's Make An Economy for Everyone

This crowdfunding project aims to complete the financing of the production of 3 minute video clips about 11 aspects of our economic life in Australia. It is being coordinated by the Common Action Network.

What are the real drivers of and dangers to our economic and social security and prosperity? There is little real public debate. With the Trump Presidency, the Turnbull government will push even ‘more of the same’ extreme fetish for a Budget surplus, smaller government, lower taxes and ever more privatisation and deregulation.

Let's make An Economy for Everyone is emerging to call on Australians to engage with each other to devise a new economic direction which can overcome the ever-widening inequality and ever-greater insecurity that mark the lives of more and more people. We need to meet the challenge of ecological sustainability at a time of accelerating and unmitigated climate change.

Let's Make An Economy for Everyone is an initiative of trade unions, welfare, community and political organisations. These organisations have memberships totalling over 300,000 and this is the basis for a new grassroots initiative to change the debate over the next two to three years.

The global economic system, especially in Europe, continues to be marked by high unemployment, recession or very low growth, and harsh policies directed at the majority of working people rather than on the rich who refuse to sacrifice. Fundamental reforms to the way finance functions haven’t materialised, neither have changes in the dominant economic agenda of further de-regulation, privatisation, shrinking of the state and dilution of social contracts. Unlike the period following the Great Depression, it seems few countries have learned any lessons from the GFC. Eight years on, more financial shocks are to be expected, not fewer.

In response to the continued dominance of the neo-liberal agenda, the labour and broader social justice movements want to put forward a credible, well-defined, economic agenda as a progressive alternative.

A progressive agenda needs to take the latest thinking in economics and marry it to progressive Australian values and traditions. The labour movement, as the voice of workers, and the broader social justice community, have the capacity and social connections to lead such a great project.

Let's Make An Economy for Everyone is trying to reverse a three decade’s long conventional wisdom about what constitutes good and credible economic policy.

We intend to build a nationwide campaign for a progressive political economic strategy. That involves a broader debate about how the economy and politics work to mainly benefit the rich and powerful, and what are the basic values that a progressive economy should serve – security, fairness and ecological sustainability. The economy should serve society, rather than the reverse.

Let's Make An Economy for Everyone will be launched on February 22, 2017, with 11 simple Discussion Starters and the 11 supporting video clips.

How The Funds Will Be Used

The funds will complete a budget of $25,500 for the production of the 11 video clips.

These funds will be required in late January 2017 to assist with post-production.

The Challenges

We aim to have lively, provocative material presnted to as high a quality as possiible. We will find great presenters and concerned people to project the message that we have to Make An Economy for Everyone!

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