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I'm making a new album, would you like to help ? 

I've kept it simple this time. 

For the most part, i've self-funded this record. 

Arts SA have helped some too. 

And now I need your help for the final pieces to pay for Shane Nicholson to produce it. 

I wanted to keep it simple. 

So there are just 2 rewards. 

1. Pre-Order The Album or

2. Host A House Concert 

Any questions, feel free to email me at 

I'd love you to receive this record a full year before the public if you'd be open to buying it early and helping me out. 

You'll have it in your letterbox by christmas. 

And we'll book your house concert in before then too. 


Q. What's A House Concert 

A. You invite 20 of your friends to come watch live music in your very own lounge room/porch/insert lovely space here. 

Perhaps you sell them a ticket to help with the cost of the concert. 

Perhaps you throw your mates a wonderful party they get to come to for free. 

It's really up to you. 

I'll come along and sing you my songs, tell stories, drink tea and wine and share a wonderful evening/afternoon with you and your wonderful people. Everyone can wear slippers. 

Q. What's a Pre-Order

A. An act of love whereby you help out an independant musician and buy their music early so they can afford to pay for the costly things that come with making music. They then send you the album full of love notes and gratitude straight to your letterbox. 

Budget Overview

Production $12,000

Mastering $1500

Manufacturing $1250 (500 Units) 

Artwork $1000

Pozible Fees 9% 

TOTAL $16,000

^Postage $5 Per Album 

^ I'll build your house concert into a tour circuit to reduce my costs to get to you.

Potential Challenges

No challenge, this album is happening regardless. I've been re-investing all of my gig income into it. 

But I could certainly use a little help. 

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AU$30 +AlbumSigned Physical Album Posted To Your Door.
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AU$500 +House ConcertHost a concert at your place. 20 People x $25 Ticket Each.
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