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We are an experimental, multi-faceted live arts project that is delivering a phenomenal 3-day festival in November 2017.

We have been running since 2014, and since then have grown and flourished into something that has more capacity to support experimental live art makers in exploring new territory and digging deep into their form, asking bold questions, trying new things in a supportive and developmental environment.

However, we have a problem. 

We need to make this festival greener.

We want to set positive examples of ecologically sound practice in performing arts and festival contexts. This will show artists, community, audiences and the world at large that we are dedicated to supporting community and encouraging environmental accountability... and WE NEED YOUR HELP!

What your sweet $$ will do:

  • Hire a minivan so we can shuttle people from the nearest train station to the site! This helps with access and lowers emissions! Less vehicles! (There is also limited parking so this one will be necessary).
  • Eco-printing for all our posters and programs! Though we will be doing the majority of our marketing online, print media is still necessary and we would like recycled paper and eco-ink.
  • Hire of solar-powered generators to power our site from i-kube
  • Help create an environmentally sustainable design concept for the venue following the guidelines from http://greener.liveperformance.com.au/
  • Build an earth oven at the festival site so we can provide ongoing (and delicious!) sustainable practice for the site (which is also a public space) and feed the masses at our hillscene100 free social inclusion dinner!
  • To hire LED stage lighting for the festival. LED lighting heavily reduces the carbon footprint.
  • Provide professional development opportunities for the core festival team & artists in developing environmentally sustainable festivals and performance, including a Critical Conversation on keeping the performance green, engaging hillsceneLIVE artists and audiences. We will connect local and Melbourne based eco-artists to deliver these awesome outcomes.

You can help make the future of arts festivals more sustainable.

By delivering these outcomes, we can prove that you can simultaneously look after the precious environment and deliver a world-class, bold and challenging experimental live art festival.

And on top of the warm feelings of knowing that you are contributing towards an environmentally conscious arts future, you of course get awesome rewards!!

A short history of hillsceneLIVE:

hillsceneLIVE is a live art festival supporting the development and presentation of experimental and emerging artists in the Dandenong Ranges of Victoria. The project was launched in 2014, and since then has implemented five festivals and supported hundreds of artists. As a festival, we are dedicated to supporting artists who take juicy risks, ask big questions, and make bold statements with their work.  We traditionally support live art and performance, which covers Theatre, Dance, Sound Art, Cabaret, Spoken Word, Live Art and especially those works that don't fit easily into these categories!

hillsceneLIVE is unique, as it is the only project of its kind in the Yarra Ranges, which fringes onto regional Victoria. We activate underused spaces in the local area to provide alternative public engagement with experimental artists and their work. Through the program so far, over 200 artists have been supported to create new work, ask new questions (of themselves and the world), and forge new partnerships within the creative community.

It is a small scale project with a broad reach and high level impact. The size of the project provides a stronger foundation for deeper experimentation and risk-taking. It delivers a powerful curated festival for up to 400 attendees, showcasing 16 new works made for the festival. The artists receive free Professional Development delivered with industry leaders such as FCAC, Fragment 31, and Yarra Ranges Council as well as in-kind studio time from Burrinja Cultural Centre and full production and marketing support from the hillsceneLIVE team.

Thank you SO MUCH for your support!! We couldn't do this without people like yourselves, who value the future of arts practice and know how essential it is to support artists, now more than ever.

Check out our website and instagram for more!

Budget Overview

Breakdown of costs

Minibus Hire ~ $400 

Design (Consultation & Implementation) ~ $650

Conversation Panel ~ $250

Eco-Printing Supplement ~ $250

Lighting & Sound Gear ~ $650

Solar Powered Generator hire ~ $300

Total = $2500

Every little bit helps!!

Potential Challenges

Obstacle #1:  Power at festival site.

The site we have chosen, is a beautiful nature reserve on which there are some great (and underused!) facilities. The main spaces we will be utilising are a couple of unique buildings, one quite new and one quite old, and also a variety of outdoor spaces. These are powered by solar! Which is amazing… but limiting. We will need to design very carefully and efficiently if we are to keep the power usage to a minimum. We will have to hire generators, so with your help we can hire solar powered ones!

Obstacle #2: Public Transport Access.

There are very limited public transport services to the venue. If people can use public transport, we have less cars on site and less overall travel to the site - we often have people coming up from the CBD and all over to the festival so in order to minimize the carbon footprint, we are investing in a minibus to shuttle people to & from the site over the weekend. 

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AU$20 +The hillsceneLIVE-erMaybe you have attended hillsceneLIVE festival before, maybe you haven’t? But you have dug deep and donated $20 that’s pretty awesome! We'll give you a shout out on social media (if you want) and you get alllll the warm fuzzies. Thank you!
3 Chosen | Unlimited AvailableEst. delivery is October 2017
AU$40 +The ExplorerThank you for coming on this journey with us! You are in for a whole 8 hours of live performance, dance, music, theatre, sound installations, happenings, roving performances... we could go on! You receive: - One-day pass (Saturday 11th or Sunday 12th November). - A shout-out on social media.
9 Chosen | Unlimited AvailableEst. delivery is November 2017
AU$70 +The Risk-takerHold our hands and take a leap! You receive: - 1 x Weekend Pass - A shout out on social media.
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AU$100 +The AdventurerThe adventurer just cannot get enough of hillsceneLIVE, they seize the moment and grasp every opportunity with both hands! You receive: - 1 x Weekend pass - Invitation to the VIP opening party - And of course a shout out on social media!
1 Chosen | Unlimited AvailableEst. delivery is November 2017
AU$130 +The InfluencerThe influencer has places to be, things to see. You know an opportunity when you see it and you don’t hesitate! You receive: - A three-show package to the 2018 Burrinja Season (valued at $90) - A One-day pass (Saturday 11th or Sunday 12th November). - And of course a shout out on social media!
1 Chosen | 2 AvailableEst. delivery is November 2017
AU$160 +The MakerSally Guildford is a local vocal artist who is presenting work for hillsceneLIVE. By selecting this reward, you and three friends will have a part in the creation of this work, and get to be immersed in an intimate sound bath experience! You will receive: - A vocal workshop with Sally Guildford for yourself and up to 3 friends for one hour - 4 x One-day passes for hillsceneLIVE so you get to see the work - And a shout out on social media!
0 Chosen | 1 AvailableEst. delivery is October 2017
AU$200 +The PremierWelcome upon this live art voyage! You receive: - 1 x Weekend Pass, including VIP opening party - A delicious welcome drink and goodies on arrival - The captain of your ship will guide you through a specially curated, in-depth journey of wonder - A private Q+A session with the co-directors - An interactive experience with sound artists PLUS exclusive recording of the work - A shout out on social media.
1 Chosen | 14 AvailableEst. delivery is September 2017