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My name is Ellie Kammer. I'm a 26 year old painter based in Adelaide. I am an autodidactic artist and I am ferociously dedicated to my craft. 

For the last year and a half I've been creating large,  bold and confronting paintings that feature bloodied women in ordinary poses to demonstrate the hidden suffering that comes with the common, chronic disease endometriosis. I've been successful in raising awareness for endometriosis with these paintings, having been featured on ABC's The Mix and media publications including Daily Mail, The Sydney Morning Herald, Vice, ABC News, Oyster, and more.

I think that life needs to be enjoyed and nothing gives me more pleasure or maintains and cares for my mental health better than painting does. I'm determined to make a successful career out of what I love doing. 


You can see examples of my work on my website : www.elliekammer.com or catch my process on my Instagram account @elliekammer


In this campaign I'm seeking funding to work full time for the next 12 months on 7 large oil paintings and 5 medium charcoal drawings. While my previous works have been a demonstration of the physical side effects of Endometriosis, this new collection will explore the impact that having a chronic illness can have on close personal relationships, in particular my own relationship with my twin sister. 

I have been receiving government funding under the NEIS program for the past 9 months which has assisted me in funding my previous collection of paintings as well as working part time. This funding will terminate soon which is why I'm seeking an alternative. I will of course be contributing all of my own money to this project, however it's just not possible to create the work I do whilst working full time, and part time work can not fully sustain the creation of my works.


I have two reasons for creating this body of work; one professional and one personal. 

Firstly, I have met with local and interstate gallerists to discuss the direction of my career. My goal at the moment is to exhibit my works in a reputable commercial gallery. The feedback I've received so far is that the work is strong, I'm clearly dedicated, I have the stuff to make my dreams a reality and I'm nearly there. I've also been told though, that with only ten paintings in my portfolio, I need to further prove my dedication and commitment by creating another collection, as well as demonstrate that I am always growing (the first collection wasn't a fluke). This is a challenge am dying to take on.

Secondly, I have thoroughly enjoyed and take great pride in the community spirit and awareness I have been able to cultivate with my Endometriosis works. I have been suffering for almost a decade and I am certainly not alone. 176 million women worldwide relate to my story and I'm grateful to be in a position to advocate for them. In continuing to paint about how endometriosis has changed my life, I will be able to further grow awareness and conversation about this incurable and monsterous disease. 


I'll be spending around 12 months on creating this collection. I work seven days a week and have done extensive planning for timeline of creating these 12 works (7 paintings, 5 drawings). I've allowed 9.5 months to create the paintings and 2.5 months to create the drawings based on what I was able to acheive last year and factoring in that I'm in much better health these days and able to work longer hours.


I'll be creating the works in my Richmond studio, Adelaide.


Below are a couple of links to my favourite articles about my practice:

Oyster Mag

Sydney Morning Herald

View my CV here:

Ellie Kammer CV


Thank you so much for your generosity, even $5 will make a difference.  I have a wonderful community of support around me and I appreciate it so much - it truly touches my heart. I never imagined I'd be confronted with so much love.

Please share with your friends. Remember that if I don't reach the goal, I will not receive any funding.  I look forward to continuing to raise awareness for endometriosis and I'm very excited to elevate my position in this industry.

Cheers to Henry Thong of Those Creatives for the special video featured on this campaign.

Budget Overview

Studio rent assistance  $2400

Canvases $3000

Paint $300

Scans $900

Brushes $150

Solvent, liquin, varnish $400

Freight and unexpected costs $1000

Awards $1282.6

Videographer's fee $350

Pozible fee (5%) 475.63

Total 9988.23

Budget has been created with my own contribution in mind. 

Potential Challenges

I'm a sick person, so it's always a risk that I will become sick and it will effect my ability to work. I'm in the best health I've been in for years now though and have access to a specialist and am currently on a hormonal treatment that is managing symptoms well.

I created my last collection of works around two surgeries and a near death, so I know that I'm resilient and can get through anything.

on 17th Oct 2017 at 10:30am. The payment portal is closed now.
AU$30 +All GoneSigned Nescience InvitationsReceive a rare signed invitation to my debut exhibition Nescience
25 Chosen | 0 AvailableEst. delivery is November 2017
AU$100 +All GoneA4 Giclee Print - Endometriosis (Volatility)Limited Edition Giclee Print of Endometriosis (Volatility) 29.7x21cm Ilford Cotton Smooth Signed and numbered Only 20 available
20 Chosen | 0 AvailableEst. delivery is November 2017
AU$200 +Print - Endometriosis (Quiescence) A3Limited Edition Giclee Print - Endometriosis (Quiescence) 42x29.7cm Ilford Cotton Smooth Signed and numbered Only 10 available
8 Chosen | 2 AvailableEst. delivery is November 2017
AU$500 +All GoneOriginal ArtworkPurchase an original charcoal drawing. (featured is an example similar to what I will create) Charcoal on paper A3
1 Chosen | 0 AvailableEst. delivery is March 2018
AU$3200 +ORIGINAL OIL PAINTINGORIGINAL OIL PAINTING Endometriosis (Volatility) Oil on canvas 121 x 101cm (Freight costs not included and will be invoiced to the buyer pending success of the campaign)
0 Chosen | 1 AvailableEst. delivery is February 2018
AU$3500 +ORIGINAL OIL PAINTINGORIGINAL OIL PAINTING Endometriosis (Fluctuation) Oil on Belgian linen 150x150cm (Freight costs not included and will be invoiced to the buyer pending success of the campaign)
0 Chosen | 1 AvailableEst. delivery is December 2017
AU$5000 +Commissioned portraitCommissioned portrait completed by October 2018 Oil on Belgian linen 111 x 168cm Based on a high res photo provided by the sitter (Freight costs not included and will be invoiced to the buyer pending success of the campaign)
0 Chosen | 2 AvailableEst. delivery is May 2018