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Our purpose

Game-changing insights to unlock new revenue streams, supercharge product development and nail your go-to-market strategy. At Fresh Focus, we are passionate about helping businesses succeed and making sure they have affordable access to local insights delivered by professional consumer and marketing experts.

We wanted to break-down the cost of a big research project and make it easy and painless to invest in. With the support of Pozible’s crowdfunding platform – this is now 'possible'. It allows smaller brands/businesses (and even bigger ones) to purchase the value of a large-scale, commercial research project for a fraction of the total cost. 

Our campaign: Unlocking the Australian male shopper

If men are in your target audience, then understanding their evolving shopping behaviour, rituals and routines is critical. Fresh Focus want to bust open the myths, assumptions and stereotypes and help brands access richer insight into who is the new Aussie male and how their consumption and shopping habits have changed.

Using a mix of digital and in-person ethnography and quantitative analysis, we will discover what is really going on inside the minds of Australian males today and understand the why. By unlocking how the Australian male shopper has evolved and what his lifestyle looks like today, you can increase relevance, gain the competitive advantage and spot new opportunities.

There are approximately 7.8 million males aged 15-64 years. Australia’s population is approaching a tipping point, with nearly as many first- or second-generation migrants as people who are at least third-generation Australians. According to ABS 2016 census results, nearly half (49%) of all Australians were either born overseas (first generation) or have at least one parent born overseas (second generation). 

Through the Pozible platform and the shared benefit of collaboration, this study will give you previously unavailable insights and information that can be applied to your business today and provide immediate, actionable results. 

Research objectives

  • Explore and understand current male consumer behaviour and motivations…their rituals, habits, routines and aspirations
  • Deconstruct the evolving role of men in the household as gender stereotypes change
  • Determine how millennial males behave differently to their older counterparts
  • Explore how they shop – role of online, ideal in-store experience and what they shop for
  • Identify pain points for male shoppers and how purchase drivers differ across categories [GROCERY, CLOTHING, DIY/HOME, ALCOHOL, SPORTS/LEISURE, TECHNOLOGY/GAMING]
  • Which brands resonate and why?
  • What are their dominant media channels and preferences?

Our approach

Budget Overview

2-week digital research community of n=60 males 

Up to $20,000 of value

  • Community set up, design
  • Discussion topic design
  • Participant recruitment and onboarding through Pureprofile
  • Daily moderation and community management by a professional moderator
  • Incentives for participation
  • Analysis
  • Transcript preparation

Immersion interviews with n=20 males

Up to $25,000 of value

  • Discussion guide design
  • Recruitment and incentives for 20 x 1 hour in person interviews in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane and 2 x regional centres i.e. Orange, Dubbo
  • Men aged 18 – 64 years
  • Spread of lifestage and ethnicities
  • All videos will be filmed and audio-taped
  • Analysis, editing and transcipt preparation

Online survey of n=1000 males

Up to $19,000 of value. With the generous support of Pureprofile, we can deliver incredible value for money and insights on the different typologies of Australian male shoppers. 

  • Questionnaire design and scripting
  • Recruitment of participants from a professional panel (Pureprofile)
  • Incentives for participants
  • Project management
  • Data tables
  • Analysis

Final report writing and design

  • $5000

Potential Challenges

The project is managed and executed by professional market researchers, recruiters, panel suppliers and designers.

Given the broad scope of the recruitment criteria, there will be a minimal challenge in finding relevant and willing participants.  

We have access to expert moderators and professional researchers that specialise in both qualitative and quantitative research. 

The only challenge will be educating the business market on this new approach to access consumer insights. 

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AU$10 +Personal thank you!A personal thank you from us and a mention in the final report. We really value your support on trying to scale this idea and break the research mould! :-)
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AU$50 +Entry level packBreakfast session of key findings. Attend a breakfast session in Sydney where the head researcher Nichola Quail will present key findings from the shopper study.
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AU$1500 +Start-up packDigital report only. For individuals, start-ups and businesses that need to size and validate their target market.
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AU$4500 +Scale-up pack2-hour workshop of key findings in Sydney or Melbourne. (or web anywhere else). Head researcher Nichola Quail will deliver actionable insights tailored to your business. This reward is for businesses that want to stress-test the results with a professional expert. You also have access to exclusive content through the community transcripts and video vox-pops.
0 Chosen | 6 AvailableEst. delivery is August 2017
AU$10000 +Professional package2 customised survey questions ($2000 value) and 1 customised topic in the digital community and immersion interviews ($3000 value). Results will be exclusive to your brand/vertical and delivered within a 2-hour personalised workshop with head researcher Nichola Quail and digital marketing expert Ryf Quail. If your brand needs customised research tailored to a specific business problem, then this is the reward for you!
0 Chosen | 3 AvailableEst. delivery is November 2017