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Welcome, Music Lovers, to the latest chapter in this story we call The Escalators.  

We are at an exciting junction in this 'choose your own adventure' novel, 

and calling on your support to help us decide: "Do we take the leap?"

We really need to start 2017 with a bang to give us the momentum for more touring,

and we have figured out a brilliant way to do it.    In a nutshell:

Re-record & Release a 7" vinyl single for 'Jungle Jive'

Make a freaking awesome Music Video to go with it

'Jungle Jive' has been a live favourite since it's debut & radio loves it too.

We always thought it would be extra cool with the sound of a swinging brass section.

And we get lots of requests at our shows from people wanting to buy old school vinyl records.

Light-bulb moment!  Let's take the brass section into the studio, and release it on vinyl!

We can see this upbeat tune blasting out of hi-fi speakers from Mollymook to Melbourne,

& being picked up by loads of radio stations too....all with the help of an uber-cool video clip featuring some of Sydney's hippest swing dancing couples.

As independent artists, we have to raise the funds ourselves - so we have designed a brand new range of cool 'merchandise' that we hope is going to make a lot of Escalators fans very happy this Christmas.

Can you help fund our next chapter by getting on board with this project?

Financing the $2000+ upfront cost through this Pozible campaign. 

Think of this Pozible page as a shopfront for the pre-release of limited edition Escalators goodies.

You, our faithful family of supporters, have first option before we go public & start touring them in 2017.

Here is what you'll find as 'rewards' in this campaign:

  • Pre-order copies of the 7" vinyl single  (limited release - 100 only!). 
  • Truckers Caps (limited edition - 100 only) - a nostalgic nod to our retro logo before it retires.
  • T-shirts - a simple & classic design to commemorate 'From The Hip'.
  • Tea towels - yep, something for everyone!
  • CD copies of 'From The Hip' & 'Felix'

Vinyl records are due in Februray; all other items in time for Christmas.


We really hope that you can be a part of getting this project off the ground.

Perhaps you'll see a 'reward' that you like.

Maybe you'll go a little Christmas crazy and buy for friends or family.

Perhaps you'll take 5 minutes to forward this to a friend.

Whatever you choose to do, we love knowing that you are out there - following, listening, sharing - and we look forward to seeing you at a live show soon.

The Escalators xo

PS. This is a good point to head to the 'rewards' section & find out more.

PPS. If you're into details or suffer a little FOMO, you can keep reading to find out more about our grand plans:

7" vinyl single - Recording & Remixing with our horn section!

From the moment we released 'From The Hip' on CD & digital, people have been asking for vinyl!

Our swinging tune 'Jungle Jive', with it's vintage vibe,  was the perfect choice.

This is not simply a matter of repackaging the CD track onto vinyl.

We are heading back to the studio with our 'Swinging Horns' to add a whole new dimension to the song.

This will be a unique & limited release.

Music Video - teaming up with Tim Dennis & his Swing Dancing team

Tim Dennis  made our extremely successful video for 'Open Fire' & we are super keen to work with him again.

Tim just happens to be a great dancer too :-)

'Jungle Jive' has a great beat for swing dancing, and Tim is working with his Swing Dancing colleagues to stage & choreograph a music video that will be an absolute feast for the eyes.

Catch up with what we've been up to this year:

If you have just joined the story, let us bring you up to date. 2016 has been MASSIVE. So far we have:

  1. self-financed & released our second EP 'From The Hip' 
  2. launched it with a SOLD OUT show at Milton Theatre - thanks to your help with our Pozible campaign
  3. reached #1 on TripleJ Unearthed Blues & Roots with 'Open Fire'
  4. toured widely in regional NSW & discovered a terrestrial ocean of love
  5. been Finalists in 4 categories at the AIMAwards (MusicOz)
  6. won Jazz Artist of the Year 2016 at the AIMAwards (MusicOz)

OK. Enough already! 

How The Funds Will Be Used

7" vinyl single - Recording & Remixing with our horn section!

Recording the Saxophone & Trumpet Parts: $200

Remixing the song: $150

Mastering the songs (A side & B side): $300

Press 100 copies of single: $800

Music Video - teaming up with Tim Dennis & his Swing Dancing team

Videographer & Editing: $500

Dancers: $250

Travel: $100

That adds up to $2300, and there will be other minor costs & unforeseen expenses....so we probably need $2500.

The Challenges

Challenges? We'll have a few.  

But let's face it, there are people facing huge personal challenges everyday - you won't find any self-indulgent creative types weeping on their easel here.

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AU$15 +A 7" vinyl record! 'Jungle Jive'Lifted off the 'From The Hip' EP & taken back into the studio with our Swinging Horns. This remixed & remastered version in a limited edition vinyl pressing. Includes download card for the 'From The Hip' (7 tracks). (Artwork shown is just for show...we're still working on the real artwork.)
17 Chosen | 33 AvailableEst. delivery is February 2017
AU$15 +Tea TowelCan we help with the washing up? It's practical, it's cool, its hip!
33 Chosen | 17 AvailableEst. delivery is December 2016
AU$15 +From The Hip CDThe award winning album! This is the one that really kicked off 2016 with a bang. 5 originals & 2 jazz standards. More info: https://theescalatorsmerch.bandcamp.com/album/from-the-hip
7 Chosen | 18 AvailableEst. delivery is December 2016
AU$15 +Felix CDOur 2014 release that started it all & still sells like hot cakes at live shows. 6 classic songs re-imagined in The Escalators style + 1 original. Details here: https://theescalatorsmerch.bandcamp.com/album/felix
1 Chosen | 24 AvailableEst. delivery is December 2016
AU$20 +Truckers CapA tribute to our retro logo (which is soon to retire). Limited edition. In brown, of course.
18 Chosen | 32 AvailableEst. delivery is December 2016
AU$25 +T-shirt (Mens cut)A simple & elegant statement on a classic white T-shirt.
12 Chosen | 28 AvailableEst. delivery is December 2016
AU$60 +Vinyl + T-shirt + CapBundle up & we'll give you free postage :-) 7" single (+ download card for 'From The Hip') Mens White T-shirt Truckers Cap Cap & T-shirt available Fri Dec 16. Vinyl delivered Feb 2017.
6 Chosen | 19 AvailableEst. delivery is February 2017
AU$60 +Just Merch - No MusicCap + T-shirt + Tea Towel. Free Postage.
2 Chosen | 23 AvailableEst. delivery is December 2016
AU$100 +One of Each, ThanksFree Postage. 1 x 7" vinyl 1 x 'Felix' CD 1 x 'From The Hip' CD 1 x Truckers Cap 1 x T-shirt 1 x Tea Towel Can't decide? No problem grab one of each! Cap, Tea-towel & T-shirt available Fri Dec 16. Vinyl delivered Feb 2017.
8 Chosen | 7 AvailableEst. delivery is February 2017
AU$1000 +Private Concert + Merch BundleA House Concert (at your place, or a venue organised by you) for you and up to 40 friends. (You can sell tickets to cover the cost...we'll talk you through it.) Dates: January to June 2017. Plus: 7" vinyl + 'From The Hip' CD + 'Felix' CD + Cap + T-shirt + Tea towel! Free postage.
0 Chosen | Unlimited AvailableEst. delivery is February 2017