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In August 2012, Animal Liberation ACT and NSW exposed the horrors of Wally's Piggery, an intensive pig farm just outside of Canberra, publicly releasing photos and videos obtained covertly from the inside. Amidst the public outrage, the industry responded by claiming the cruelty depicted was just a one-off; that Wally was a rogue operator.

Since then, however, Animal Liberation has continued to gather evidence of systemic, widespread cruelty from numerous piggeries across the country.

The focus of the campaign now is to create a feature-length documentary, in the style of 'Earthlings', that will show definitively the true nature of the Australian pig farming industry; an industry that relies on secrecy, on being kept hidden behind closed doors away from public scrutiny. It's time for what's done in the dark to be brought to the light.

The documentary will also promote veganism and the abolition of commercialised animal abuse, and will highlight the problems and deceptions with so-called "higher welfare" and "free range" farming.

Following the project's completion, there will likely be a tour of the major cities to screen the film at universities and small community theatres.

The film is intended to be the 'Earthlings' of Australia - something vegetarians/vegans can show their meat-eating friends, especially those who say "Oh this is Australia, that sort of thing doesn't happen here".

While it will be mostly focused on pigs, it will also cover other animals including broiler chickens, turkeys, and egg-laying hens, showcasing recent investigations such as the Inghams Turkey Abattoir.

Depending on the success of this film, a sequel may be produced with a broader focus including domestic animals, wildlife, live export, the wool trade, feedlots, experimentation, health, and the environment.

Some Of My Previous Work

The documentary will largely be comprised of footage already available on the campaign website,

The Challenges

The industry does not want any of this footage to be seen, and will try to prevent the documentary from being produced... but since the campaign began in August 2012, they haven't been able to stop us yet.
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