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Hi friends!


The J Arthur Keenes Band (CA)
Peaches the Wale (NSW)
X in O (QLD)
Tiasu (MEL)

join previously announced Sabrepulse, NNNNNNNNNN, Sexy Synthesizer, little-scale, Brainbeau, Victory Road and Chronic Sans

More details in our most recent update - including a look at the merch shirt you have access to as part of this funding!

So, we made our target in just FIVE DAYS! But that is only the start of what we need to be able to put on this event. $5,000 covers part of our artist expenses (that's right - not even all of what we're paying the artists yet!), but we still need continued ticket and merch sales, to pay for the rest of their flights, advertising, venue costs, creating those merch rewards that you all clearly want, and other important aspects that will make this show amazing.

We do have some stretch goals that we are working on at the moment, and want to be able to tell you about soon - and have a few more artists that we are super excited to announce and of course, the tickets through Pozible are cheaper than any other way we will sell them after the funding period finishes (and some of the merch won't even otherwise be available!) so please don't stop contributing just because we met our target!

We are the team behind SoundBytes - Australia’s longest running chiptune event, which has been running for the last five years. If you're into chipmusic, anywhere in the world, you may even have heard tales of our shows; we're the ones that had the super tricked out stage that included a giant light up game boy at the last show.

As well as SoundBytes, we've been behind Blip Festival Australia and Square Sounds Melbourne and have brought some of the biggest names in chipmusic to Australia including Henry Homesweet, Bit Shifter, Hally, Patric Catani and Trash80.

We're planning another Square Sounds Melbourne at The Evelyn Hotel on the 28th and 29th of March 2014 with more amazing artists to showcase to Australian audiences.

Chiptune, if you're not aware, is music made using (or sometimes emulating) old school video game consoles, and the other style we showcase for Square Sounds, is "retrotech' (music that has a retro synth aesthetic). They aren’t the best known genres despite having a very devoted fan base here in Melbourne. As such, there are some names on our most wanted list for Square Sounds Melbourne 2014 that require a little more financial support than we can comfortably afford for a festival that is mostly a labour of love, so we’re turning to Pozible - and you - to help make this a reality.

If you aren't able to watch the video at the top of the page it announces (approximately) a third of our line up to whet your appetite.

Drumroll Please....
NNNNNNNNNN <JP>, Sexy Synthesizer <JP> and Sabrepulse <UK>
little-scale <ADE>, Brainbeau <QLD> and Victory Road <NSW>
& visuals from Chronic Sans <MEL>
(FYI - She made the giant game boy & has something even BETTER is planned for the festival)

We hope to have the rest of the line up 100% confirmed by the end of the campaign, so keep watching this space because your pledges are helping to make that happen. We also have some awesome and exclusive rewards beyond simply buying tickets for the show. Even our international friends will be able to join in on the awesomeness, with rewards like audio from last year's event, exclusive merch and tracks from the artists performing at SSM14. There will also be not one but two amazing t-shirts. Our main art will be by Enso and the Limited Edition shirt will come from 8GB/Kiken Corp. Our hopes are to show you guys WIPs for the shirts as we progress through the crowd funding

Please Note: All ticket holders will be required to show ID at the door as the venue is LICENSED. We will not take responsibility or refund pledges for anyone who buys a ticket and is turned away for being unable to pass an ID check

Some Of My Previous Work

We have so much stuff we can show you, but maybe we'll try and make it easy for you to find the awesome stuff.

How about we start with some video that appeared on Good Game about Blip Australia? You can find heaps more at youtube too.

Blip Festival 2012 - Melbourne, Australia from Lin Jie Kong on Vimeo.

(That's just one of the THREE stories featuring us or our shows on Good Game. We were on once in 2009 at SoundBytes again in 2012 for a story about Chip Musicians on Spawn Point!)

You can find out more about our different shows on their websites SoundBytes, Blip Festival and Square Sounds. You can listen to tracks from some of the past featured artists at Sound Cloud We've also been involved with PAX, Free Play, EB Games Expo, ISEA and heaps of other events - so you may well have seen us around town (or around the internet) already!

The Challenges

The festival is taking place NO MATTER WHAT, with artists 100% confirmed, and some of them doing other shows to help support coming to Australia, it would break our hearts, and be really rude of us not to go ahead!

We know that we can come close to making enough to run the festival without this pozible campaign, but we might need to scale back the artists, look at sponsorship (we've tried though, it's hard - potential sponsors, hit us up!) or take a loss, but it will happen. Of course if 2014 happens, but isn't less successful than we'd like, then the biggest risk is that the festival won't continue in future years, meaning minimal opportunities for full line ups of major chipmusic artists to perform in Australia.

The major obstacle we have is that some of the unannounced artists may not be able to follow through with attendance- that's part of the reason we haven't announced everyone yet, but don't worry we have a virtually never ending 'want' list, many of them people we know, that we'll be able to ask.

We've done this before. We know the risks, we have an idea of what to expect. We're running this campaign primarily for the extra promotional opportunities it affords, and to create an easy way for some of the international fans who'd love to come to the show but can't to be involved.

One of the things we don't think is a risk is that you'll have a great time - seriously. Go to our facebook page and ask some of the fans. They'll vouch for us. :)

on 24th Oct 2013 at 10:00pm. The payment portal is closed now.
A$1 +You'll be supporting the global chip music scene and your name will be on displayed on our website and at the show.
3 Chosen | Unlimited AvailableEst. delivery is March 2014
A$10 +We'll send you exclusive links to live recordings from last years show, featuring artists like Aliceffekt, Trash80, Hunz, Cheapshot & Omodaka and studio tracks from this year's artists!
6 Chosen | Unlimited AvailableEst. delivery is November 2013
A$25 +A Custom Square Sounds USB key with all the tracks listed above, as well as video and other goodies. Add $5 to ship internationally
12 Chosen | Unlimited AvailableEst. delivery is March 2014
A$50 +Simply - Just the tickets, and a download code for the tracks mentioned at the $10 level. Super early bird price for one ticket for both days of Square Sounds Melbourne, March 28th and 29th at the Evelyn Hotel. As a bonus - there's no ticketing fees either! For clarity, you won't get any physical merch rewards at this level
38 Chosen | 62 AvailableEst. delivery is March 2014
A$55 +Can't make it to Melbourne? Feel better about missing out with: The SSM14 shirt we'll be selling from the Merch table designed by Enso; A USB (with live tracks from 2013s artists & studio releases from 2014 artists & other goodies); A sticker pack & A button badge Please add $15 for international shipping.
6 Chosen | Unlimited AvailableEst. delivery is March 2014
A$60 +Miss out on the first round tickets? You're not too late, pledge at this level for a second round pass for both days of Square Sounds Melbourne, March 28 & 29 at the Evelyn hotel, along with the downloads as per the $50 level
1 Chosen | 99 AvailableEst. delivery is March 2014
A$75 +All GoneCan't make it to Melbourne but want to really spoil yourself? Select this reward to get The SSM14 shirt we'll be selling from the Merch table designed by Enso; A USB (with live tracks from 2013s artists & studio releases from 2014 artists & other goodies); A Postcard; A sticker pack & The special limited edition tee designed by 8GB Please add $15 for international shipping
10 Chosen | 0 AvailableEst. delivery is March 2014
A$100 +Get the combined $50 and $55 rewards to save you having to spend your cash at the merch table Get a ticket for each day of the festival on the 28th and 29th of March; The SSM14 shirt we'll be selling from the Merch table designed by Enso; A USB (with live tracks from 2013s artists & studio releases from 2014 artists & other goodies); A Postcard; & A button badge
9 Chosen | 51 AvailableEst. delivery is March 2014
A$125 +$100 price point plus an exclusive super limited edition shirt from 8GB
6 Chosen | 4 AvailableEst. delivery is March 2014
A$250 +A DOUBLE pass for both days of the show, (that's two people get to attend on both the 28th and 29th); The SSM14 shirt; The Limited Edition 8GB shirt; Button badge, post card; USB; And access for you and a friend to an exclusive bbq with some of the artists on Sunday the 29th before the official after party. We'll supply the beer and the food, you supply yourself and your plus one, so we can all recover together.
7 Chosen | 3 AvailableEst. delivery is March 2014