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Hi, welcome to our project! We are very excited free range pig farmers. This project is the next step in our on-farm butchery to produce a range of traditional cured meats and charcuterie products, using bare minimal ingredients, mainly pork and salt. This is rare in Australia! We already produce delicious, highly sought-after free range Berkshire pork that we grow ethically and sustainably, butcher, handcraft smoked goods and sausages and distribute everything ourselves. So I think with a bit of practice (and support from lovely people like you guys) we can make the best artisan air-dried small goods and charcuterie in the country, right here in our Farmstead Butchery.

Who are we and what do we do?
My husband Lachy and I started Bundarra Berkshires Free Range Pork in 2011 to grow pigs to supply a local food store that I co-owned at the time. We simply couldn't source local heritage free range and ethically farmed pork so I took it upon myself to do it. I sourced a Berkshire sow who we named Doris, and today we farm 30 free-range Berkshire sows and produce on average 450 piglets per year on our 100 acre farm, Bundarra. The piglets are totally free to roam the paddocks grazing on native grass and pastures and fed an organic blend of GMO free grains, legumes, natural minerals and a super mix of essential amino acids derived from vegetables (free from any nasty additives, antibiotics or hormones). We also source brewers grain from Cavalier Brewing and fruit and vegetable waste from local farmers. Born in the paddock, they remain here for around six months before they are either kept on the farm for breeders or picked for meat. Why is this important? Because it means that the pork is incredible and the pig has lived a stress free and 'piggy' life, as they should.

We took things up a notch in July 2013 and built a boning room on the farm so we could control every part of our supply chain and have total creative and quality control over smoking our ham and bacon, and butchering and packing our pork. I have been operating our Farmstead Butchery since then, producing gluten and preservative free sausages, nitrate-free smoked bacon, red gum smoked ham as well as butchering our fresh pork from our farm. The Butchery has opened up opportunities to teach others butchering and small goods making skills which we host workshops throughout the year for and we can now help out our local farming friends too by offering affordable butchering and artisan small goods made from their own meat.

We sell all of our pork directly at accredited Victorian Farmers Market Association markets in Victoria, through online box orders and more recently to the local IGA supermarket in Barham and Hams and Bacon in East Brunswick. We also stock some fabulous restaurants in Melbourne including Movida, Pope Joan and Bar Nacional. The last few years have been the most amazing adventure, from buying Doris, building relationships with our customers and chefs, right through to learning to butcher our own pigs. This next step of producing our own small goods and charcuterie using traditional methods means that we can utilise every part of the pig to make the most delicious products. Adding simply salt and spices and allowing meat to mature by air drying is a wonderful transformation that not only preserves the pork for a long time but increases the yumminess to a whole new level (and pays total homage to the pig).

We really need to raise some funds to help us do this...
We want to make traditionally cured pork products such as air-dried hams, fermented chorizo, capocollo, pancetta, salami, ventreche and saucisson and charcuterie such as rillettes, terrine and fricandeaux (a most delicious tasty morsel almost unknown in Australia). Producing these requires a commercial kitchen and oven (for ready-to-eat products) and a controlled environment that helps the meat mature properly. This is then licensed by the NSW Food Authority and audited several times a year.

Why support us?
We are a small family farm ethically farming pigs, using no chemicals whatsoever and taking control of our whole supply chain. We want to push the envelope and continue to make our nose to tail products nitrate free, just as it should be, with only salt and smoke as preservatives! Delicious...

To hear and see more about what we do and why we do it, click here:

Thank you!
Lauren & Lachy Mathers

Some Of My Previous Work

I have been trialling products to make on a commercial scale for over 12 months.

Apart from travelling to France in 2010 where I was inspired to make the smallgoods and charcuterie in the first place, I have attended several smallgoods and charcuterie workshops, including hosting several workshops on the farm myself where we have made sausages, done some butchering and made dry-cured goods.

The feedback I have received for the products so far has been very positive and we have welcomed constructive criticism that has assisted in improving the products.

Before beginning Bundarra Berkshires, I owned a food store/restaurant in the nearby town of Koondrook where myself and my co-owner cooked for a 50-seat premises six days a week. The two years I spent doing this were both a learning curve and great experience for creating products on a commercial scale. We produced house-made relishes, sauces, pates, terrines, bread and pastry goods.

The Challenges

We will face all of the obvious challenges that come with commercially-producing food: quality control, supply, consistency.
These hurdles will be addressed through:
*adhering to a strict food safety program that will include batch testing at a licensed laboratory and taste testing each batch ourselves.
*only using fresh pork from our farm that has been raised and butchered by us on the farm.
*good planning - in six months time our farm will be supporting enough animals to consistently deliver the desired levels of stock for our customers.
*growth of our product range will be tiered to coincide with the seasons, e.g Winter, Spring, Christmas, Easter.
*the same recipe will be used for each batch every time. This will only change if we discover a yummier outcome by using a different method or recipe.
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A$20 +$20 gift voucher to be spent with us at our farmers markets in Victoria (Coburg, Fairfield, Koondrook and Castlemaine) or on our online box deliveries (no custom boxes, sorry). Pick ups for online orders are from one of our drop off points in Melbourne (Burnley, East Brunswick, Spotswood and East Bentleigh) from Friday July 11. Voucher will be emailed, please print it off so you can claim your reward.
19 Chosen | 81 AvailableEst. delivery is July 2014
A$35 +Pork in the Post. A jar of each of our new, yummy pork rillettes and fricandeaux sent in the post! Our rillettes and fricandeaux are shelf stable so are an easy product to send out for you to gobble up at home with some cornichons and mustard on a crusty baguette. Yum! This includes postage, and can be posted to anywhere in Australia. You will receive in early July.
63 Chosen | 37 AvailableEst. delivery is July 2014
A$50 +Hams and Bacon Pack. Receive a $50 pack of cured and smoked meat containing a Little Smoked Ham and 500g of Smoked Bacon. These products are nitrate free and smoked over red gum from the farm. Picked up from us at farmers markets (Castlemaine, Coburg, Fairfield and Koondrook) in July and August or to be picked up from one of our delivery spots in Melbourne on July 11 and August 8. Please see our website for delivery spots.
25 Chosen | 5 AvailableEst. delivery is July 2014
A$80 +Pozible Pork Pack. A mystery pack of four Bundarra items valued at $80, with cooking and eating tips. Pick up is from one of our farmers markets from July-September at Castlemaine, Coburg, Fairfield or Koondrook. Deliveries will also be made to our central drop off locations throughout Melbourne on July 11, August 8 or September 12. Please see our website for central delivery locations.
17 Chosen | 53 AvailableEst. delivery is July 2014
A$150 +Farmstead Workshop A special hands-on class at our Farmstead Butchery in Barham. This is a special class for our Pozible supporters to learn how we make each of our products onsite at our farm. The first class will be held from 10am on Saturday 30 August and the 2nd September 2014 at "Bundarra" 929 East Barham Road, Barham NSW 2732. Lunch is included and guests are invited to camp the night on the farm as well a farm tour to see how we run things. Take home your handy work.
10 Chosen | 50 AvailableEst. delivery is August 2014
A$165 +Hogfest A ticket to Hogfest held on the farm in Barham on Saturday 21 June 2014. The day kicks off at 9am with a hands-on session on a whole pig being broken down into cuts that will be used to make Fromage de Tête, ventrèche, salami and the holy grail of cured meats, jamón. We'll be having a yummy lunch from the farm then after a huge day of cutting, mixing, stuffing and hanging we'll sit down to a feast of local food including a spit pig and our soon-to-be-released smallgoods and charcuterie.
6 Chosen | 24 AvailableEst. delivery is June 2014
A$200 +Quarter Pig Pack Receive a quarter of a pig, cut into nice sizes for you to cook. There will be an even amount of front ends and back ends, please specify which end you would like. Front end cuts: shoulder, neck, cheek, ears, loin cutlets, loin roast, belly, mince, hock, trotter. Back end cuts: Leg roast, schnitzels (uncrumbed), loin roast, loin cutlets, porterhouse steak, belly, trotter. To be picked up at a farmers market (Castlemaine, Fairfield, Coburg, Koondrook) July to September 2014.
11 Chosen | 17 AvailableEst. delivery is July 2014
A$300 +Christmas Ham & Roast Pack Receive a whole Christmas leg ham with a ham bag and two 1.5kg roasts. To be picked up from one of our central drop off points in December or at one of our December Christmas farmers markets. Dates and more details to be announced in November.
8 Chosen | 22 AvailableEst. delivery is December 2014
A$400 +Half a pig, butchered packed and delivered. Delivery is to regional Victoria and NSW within 150kms of Barham and Melbourne metro regions. For deliveries outside this area an extra $50 will be added. Delivery will be arranged for August and September and the date must be agreed on by both parties.
3 Chosen | 7 AvailableEst. delivery is August 2014
A$800 +A Whole Pig, butchered packed and delivered. Approximate weight 50-55kg carcass. Delivery is to regional Victoria and NSW within 150kms of Barham and Melbourne metro regions. For deliveries outside this area an extra $50 will be added. Delivery will be from August 1 to September 30, 2014. A date will be agreed on by both parties.
0 Chosen | 5 AvailableEst. delivery is August 2014
A$1500 +A years supply of porky goodness. A whole pig butchered and packed One large (approx 6kg) Christmas Smoked Leg Hams plus a ham bag (available late November) 5kgs nitrate free bacon 5kgs pork and fennel sausages 1kg pancetta Two 150ml Fricandeaux Two 150ml Rillettes Delivery can be staggered or all at once (freezer space is needed) and will be to central drop off points (dates and places announced in late November) or pick up from one of our farmers markets in Victoria.
2 Chosen | 4 AvailableEst. delivery is December 2014