Tyrone and Lesley's Third Album

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Tyrone and Lesley write and play songs on ukulele and double bass. They’ve played to audiences of adults, children and childish adults everywhere from The Sydney Opera House to the Melbourne Ukulele Festival. They need your help to make album number three the best that it can be: to record in a vintage hall and bring in some new musical textures.

They’ve released two albums so far: Ukulele Heart, and Bear with Me
"…Ukulele Heart is full of inspired silliness …." (Kamuke Ukulele Magazine Issue 4 2012)

They created a show around their children’s songs: Bear with Me, which will soon tour to other parts of this once-great land.
"…one of the best, most well thought out shows I have ever attended. Absolutely brilliant!" (Patron comment,Out of the Box, June 2012 QPAC)

Nominated as finalists in the Queensland Music Awards two years running, Tyrone and Lesley are resolutely in their own category. Uke duo Bosko and Honey have suggested they write …kids songs for adults. Fan Madelaine Winstanley has thanked them for …finally creating a children’s CD that I don’t want to throw out the car window. Their facebook and youtube sites are worlds in themselves, populated with live videos such as and nifty animations. When they play live they’re enchanting.

…Sweetly hilarious. http://theukuleleentertainer.blogspot.com.au/

The third album is going to be beautiful. Work’s started already. Songs of optimism and love will nestle alongside T&L's bittersweet absurdity. They closed their MUF 2013 concert with You May As Well Smile: a new song that heralds a further development in their sublime song-craft.

Tyrone and Lesley want to take a step forward with album number three. They want to record parts of it in antique halls that dot their home town of Brisbane, so that times gone by seep into the very sounds they produce, and dance with dust motes and musical notes in shafts of light.

Ukulele Heart and Bear with Me included light touches of drums and instruments such as accordion, French horn and vintage drum machines. While the music will retain its elegant minimalism, they’d like to bring in some other musicians to add further texture and richness to the songs. These ambitions are hardly sky-high: they’re all about increasing the quality of the recorded sound and building a story around the music. But to take these steps Tyrone and Lesley need a leg-up.

The songs are going to be great: that’s a given – classics you just haven’t heard yet. With your help, we’ll all get to hear them sooner.

Read more: take a look at the pledges and rewards. Guarantee you won’t find anything like these offers anywhere else soon. Thank you in advance.

Some Of My Previous Work

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You can hear our first two albums are on itunes, CDbaby and soundcloud.
You can see a series of mini-documentaries which cover how we built a show around our songs.
You can find them here: Making Bear with Me Part 1 and Part 2

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The Challenges

We do our own thing, in our own way, tend not to compare what we do to anything else, and are resolutely in our own category. We make great music for both adults AND kids in an market that prefers you do one or the other.That makes it harder for us to describe what we do, but we trust that when people investigate further they'll like what they find. In a world where you have to compare what you do to something else to get ahead, that's a risk in itself.

To record music on location can bring some unexpected surprises: that’s why we’re doing it . There’s an element of getting it right in performance that requires a precision and spirit that you can only approximate in the studio. It’s a risk, but’re looking for happy accidents. Having said that, we have fallback options to ensure the music’s captured. However we get it working, we’ll be at the service of the songs: the ones we’ve got, and the ones to come.

You’ll note that none of the funds are allocated to go to ‘us’. Your support will go directly to hiring stuff, or people with stuff who can help us take our songs a step forward. That’s deliberate, but it means that as usual, we’ll fit the pre-production and recording around everything else you have to do to survive as an artist. We’ve put out an album a year for (getting on to) three years, if you count the Christmas EP we’ll complete as part of this project. We’re up for these challenges.
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A$5 +A WARM INNER GLOW We know what it’s like – you want to help out but there’s not a lot to spare. We can’t guarantee the warm inner glow of course, but your name will be listed in the CD booklet of the third album, returning your gesture with one of our own. You’ll be listed in the liner notes of the third album as work-experience assistant executive assistant to the assistant executive producers which will really jazz up your CV.
1 Chosen | Unlimited AvailableEst. delivery is November 2013
A$10 +HAIKULELE: It’s a new twist on a traditional form. The Haikulele. Yes, an original haiku on a topic of your choice, sent the old-fashioned way: via postcard. The haiku can be on a topic of your choice, or open slather, but we’ll put a ukulele slant on it somehow. Lesley carefully crafts the pauses between the lines. You will also be listed as assistant to the assistant executive producers in the CD booklet, a fact you can dine out on for years to come.
2 Chosen | 28 AvailableEst. delivery is November 2013
A$15 +THANKYOU SONG Tyrone and Lesley are grateful for your assistance. So grateful we’ll work your name (or a name of your choice) into a thankyou song, which we’ll broadcast via youtube. You will also be listed as assistant executive producer in the CD booklet, so when people google you, they’ll find your name in a song.
4 Chosen | 16 AvailableEst. delivery is December 2013
A$20 +UKULELE CHORD NAMED AFTER YOU Some folks pay money to strangers to have a celestial body named after them, which is a sweet idea. We can top that, though. This reward is all about you. Yes, here is a unique opportunity to have a ukulele chord named after you. We will feature your chord in an instructional video designed to confuse beginners. You can learn your chord and play it yourself, or point it out noisily at concerts when you observe it being played.
1 Chosen | 15 AvailableEst. delivery is January 2014
A$25 +BAUBLES: A UKULELE CHRISTMAS Autographed Christmas EP (Pozible exclusive) It’s never too early to start thinking about Christmas, and Tyrone and Lesley have been working on their Christmas album ‘Baubles: a Ukulele Christmas’. Pledge here and receive Tyrone and Lesley’s Baubles via post, well before the day we pretend Santa arrives. There’ll be extra tracks unavailable anywhere else and a handmade lyric booklet. What to you give the person who has everything? Tyrone and Lesley’s Baubles.
7 Chosen | Unlimited AvailableEst. delivery is December 2013
A$35 +GOOD THINGS COME… the third album $35 The third album is going to be beautiful. The songs we’ve written so far are amongst the best we’ve done. It’s not finished. Recording’s not even started. But when it is finished you will have it first. We will mail it to you before its general release, and you’ll be listed in its handmade CD booklet as executive producer, so you’d be justified in making a sign that says executive producer and sticking it to the back of your chair at work.
5 Chosen | Unlimited AvailableEst. delivery is March 2014
A$55 +BAUBLES plus THIRD ALBUM There are people out there who are nuts for Tyrone and Lesley’s music. They’ll want everything. They’ll want it all. This reward does what it says on the packet: Baubles: a Ukulele Christmas PLUS the third album, mailed to you in separate packages before general release PLUS you’ll be listed as executive producer: a factoid about yourself that you can drop into conversation every now and then to spice things up.
3 Chosen | Unlimited AvailableEst. delivery is December 2013
A$70 +VALUE PACK You’re not satisfied with bits and pieces, you want the whole box and dice. And the box that the box and dice come in. You'll receive, in three separate postings, a Haikulele on a postcard (see above) PLUS Tyrone and Lesley’s Baubles PLUS the third album when it’s done. We’ll also throw in a free warm inner glow and listing as executive producer which what you can tell people when they notice you’re hanging around your mailbox a lot.
2 Chosen | Unlimited AvailableEst. delivery is December 2013
A$80 +ONLINE SINGING TELEGRAM Say it with flowers? That’s old hat. Say it with an old hat? Well, that just doesn’t make any sense, does it? A singing telegram. Of course. What better way to communicate your special message? Send us the general details, and we'll compose a musical message which you can either send privately to the recipient, or share with the whole world!
1 Chosen | 4 AvailableEst. delivery is January 2014
A$100 +COVER VERSION Tyrone and Lesley mostly write their own songs... but they've been known to do cover versions. Rapper's Delight... The William Tell Overture... What song would you like to see covered on ukulele and double bass? Choose this reward and make your drama a reality with a personal dedication and youtube cover of a song of your choice by Tyrone and Lesley
3 Chosen | 2 AvailableEst. delivery is January 2014
A$160 +A SONG WRITTEN ON A TOPIC OF YOUR CHOICE. You might think there’s a song for every occasion, a tune on every subject it’s possible to conceive of: but we’ve proven that incorrect. Suggest a topic or title for a song, and we’ll write one for you. We’ll send it to you first as an mp3 and then broadcast it via soundcloud. Your contribution will be listed as inspired by [insert your name here] so the next time someone asks you what you ‘do’ you can genuinely say …I’m an inspiration.
1 Chosen | 4 AvailableEst. delivery is February 2014
A$550 +CONCERT If you live within 150 kilometres of Brisbane, (or somewhere we're touring) we will come and play a house concert for you. Not 'house music' though. No amps, no PA. Just Tyrone, Lesley, two ukes, you, your friends, music and a lot of love in the room.
0 Chosen | 2 AvailableEst. delivery is February 2014