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Memento Mori is a graduating short film being shot in early September. It is a story about death, photography, and the memories we leave behind. The film is directed by Stacey Quine and produced by Louise Walsh.


Joseph is a photographer, specializing in memorial portraits of the dead. Obsessed by the pursuit of utter perfection, he shies from the living and seeks comfort in death.
Clarise, seeking escape from a life of working class obscurity, is caught up in Joseph's world of capitalizing on death and mourning. She craves creativity and wants to be remembered.
Can she find a way to leave her mark in this world?

The dead take the best photographs.


We're very excited to bring this fascinating and little-known piece of history to life. The early days of photography and rich mourning customs of the period are a beautiful backdrop for a story. We hope that we have piqued your interest!

In order to make the best film possible, we need your help. In addition to the money already saved up, bribed from parents and borrowed, we still have a little way to go. Money raised will go toward securing some beautiful locations in and around Melbourne, and the props and art design to make it look authentic. We also need costumes made, and to find some genuine vintage photography gear to borrow. In addition, we have all the usual film costs to cover, such as catering, lighting the film, getting ourselves some beautiful vintage lenses to shoot the film, and generally transporting people about.

Currently, we have a wonderful Director of Photography, some dedicated and experienced crew members and a beautiful old timber camera to be the the co-star of the film!

The film will be completed by November, and it will screen in December at ACMI in Melbourne, before being submitted (and hopefully screened!!) at film festivals in Australia and around the world.

So please help us by either pledging or sharing our campaign with family and friends via Facebook, Twitter, email, carrier pigeon, etc. Every little bit of help gets us closer to our goal!

Don't forget to check us out on Facebook! https://www.facebook.com/pages/Memento-Mori/159133487604918

Thank you for your time and support!

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A$1500 +Thank you so much for your support! As well as a copy of the DVD and a thank you in the credits, we will arrange your very own wet plate photography session with one of the many talented photographers we have met on this adventure. Guaranteed an instant family heirloom, and you don't even have to be dead!
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A$3000 +YOU'VE JUST OFFICIALLY SPONSORED OUR FILM! For such generous support, you or your business gets their own title card in the credits with whatever you want (website, contact details, etc) for making this film happen! We'll also throw in 2 tickets to the screening and a copy of the film on DVD for good measure. Email stacey.quine@gmail.com and we can talk.
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