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I think we've all fallen into one of these arguments late at night about what amount of money it would take for you to do something silly.

"How much money would it take for you to shave your head?"
"How much money would it take to wax your body hair?"
"To drink this? To eat that?"

...and so on...

A question poised to me after some amusing discussion was...

"How much money would it take for you to attend all of the Lamb of God / Meshuggah shows across Australia in Kigurumi Pajamas?"

For those of you that don't know, these are Kigurumi Pajamas...

This is Meshuggah…

This is Lamb of God…

These are only a handful of dedicated heavy metal fans...

And this is only a sample of what happens at their live performances...

And in the midst of all that for the past three years, is me…often looking something like this…

…and this…

…and especially this…

…doing this…

So yeah…I’ve got a fair bit of experience dressing up as probably one of the scariest, craziest & most fearless heavy music fans at these kinds of events.

But you can imagine what might happen when a traveling costumed concert enthusiast (such as myself) rocks up to these shows wearing a joyfully themed animal costume...headache inducing hilarity.

The answer to such an interesting wager as mentioned before should be obvious...

"Oh! I wouldn't do that! Not even for a million dollars!"

But being realistic about it, I would have to say that I would actually do it if I was given enough money to cover the expenses of such a terrible idea.

The expenses would include travel to & from airports, flights, accommodation, tickets & of course, five Kigurumi Pajama costumes (one for each show).

Here’s the estimated budget breakdown.

Travel to & from airports (trains, buses, airport shuttles, taxis) = $250
Flights (with Virgin Australia, six flights in total) = $1000
Accommodation (eight nights in total at YHA Australia) = $400
Tickets (five in total) = $400
Kigurumi Pajamas (five in total) = $200
Food / Merchandise / Misc Expenses = $250

Estimated Total = $2,500

For the cost of the expenses, I would legitimately show up to all five gigs around Australia wearing these adorable pajamas & participate in all five shows to the full extent (moshing, crowd surfing & the infamous finale to Lamb of God shows, the Wall of Death).

But this bet we entertained late one night wasn't enough anymore...now it was a dare...you know, "I dare you...I DARE YOU!"

...and it had to be made REALLY interesting.

I upped the ante, since I don't believe this crowd funding project would be successful or even remotely interesting if the stakes weren't increased.

I didn't want to be accused of putting together a lousy crowd funding campaign & not making a genuine effort to entice potential backers into this quirky project...

How about I wear nothing but Kigurumi Pajamas throughout the whole tour?

Not just to all the shows, but into the airports, aboard the planes, in the restaurants & maybe even the band functions that I‘ve been invited too?

If the $2,500 target is met, I will wear nothing but Kigurumi Pajamas from the morning of the first Lamb of God show in Brisbane on Friday, September 20th, 2013 until the last show in Perth on Thursday, September 27th, 2013 (5 live shows in total).

But ONLY if the $2,500 target is met.

That is the agreement...that is the deal...

I am a man of my word...

I will document the entire tour & the events in between to the best of my ability with pictures & video, uploading the results onto my...

- Facebook (/heavymetalharlequin)
- Twitter (@ILoveMorrigan)
- Tumblr (/halloween-knight)
- Even my YouTube channel (/thatguywhowearsblack)

Any additional funding beyond the original $2,500 target will go towards additional cameras to record this particularly stupid costumed escapade. :P

To conclude, I know this is genuinely an absurd venture, matched only by an even more ludicrous target & "it's incredibly bold of me to put my manliness & dignity on the line quite like this"...

...yeah, right!  I'm firmly Team Failure.

I don't think this project will meet it's target at all, despite all the effort I have to put in to warrant this dare to be fair.

My friends on the other hand are Team Success.

No one will be more thrilled at this project meeting it's target than they will.  I can already hear them howling with happiness whilst I have to rock up to these shows looking like a dirty & disgruntled children's mascot...

The only thing that could make this idea any worse is if I actually had to do it. 

I've surrendered that decision over to you & your friends.

If you've contributed to this daft little experiment because you think it's a good idea or you've shared this with your friends & encouraged them to donate because you think it's a bad idea that you'd actually like to see happen...then I hate you...but thank you!
This Project is in draft status.
A$5 +- Me in Kigurumi Pajamas, holding a hand written "I hate you (your name)" message in a photograph to be uploaded to my Facebook album, titled "People I hate"
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A$10 +- Your "I hate you (your name)" message will be hand written in glitter, just to let everyone else know that you're twice the douche that the $5 people are. - I'll post & sign it too.
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