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We can’t make this project a reality without crowd funding and public support. Join the fight to Stop Youth Suicide! We can’t ignore it any longer!


Meet 17 year old Josephine from the Blue Mountains in Australia. She’s our Youth Ambassador for Sunnier Side Up. Josie’s story is an inspirational example of recovery to all young people.


I was inspired to make my documentary about teenage suicide firstly because of my own experience with depression as a teenager, which ultimately led to me trying to take my own life. Then in 2011 the Australian Bureau of Statistics informed us that suicide was now the biggest killer of young people in Australia, which is an incredible fact. As a human being and a filmmaker I just couldn’t sit by and not try to do something positive and meaningful about that.

I felt an in depth documentary was needed to help bring everything and everyone together in one place where the issues and solutions were easier to digest and understand. The film will be a beautiful mix of personal stories told by surviving young people and their families and friends, balanced by the opinions and up to date findings of modern psychology, therapy, science and medicine.

I think it’s rare that as a filmmaker you get to produce something that will have a positive, meaningful impact on the world. Sunnier Side Up is my chance to make that contribution. It's your chance too.


Our documentary addresses teenage suicide and it symptoms like bullying, depression, self harm and anxiety with prevention and outreach - a topic that is now in the wider public interest all over the world. Throughout our research and from talking to as many people we know, we realize that society cares deeply about stopping youth suicide, and we know you do too.


We need $150,000 to shoot Sunnier Side Up in October 2013. This is to go towards filming over a 3 week production period. We want as many people in Australia and around the globe to see this film and get behind the cause!

A big thanks to everyone who supported our recent campaign launch in Sydney, you rock!

Mike Goldman (Big Brother) & Whippa (2-Day FM)
Mike Goldman (Big Brother) & Whippa (2-Day FM)

Lynne McGranger (Home & Away)

Brittany & Fatai (The Voice)

Ruby Jacenko (Designer)

**We're also gifting a special prize to the highest Pledge every week - this week it's a signed John Steffensen sneaker and jersey**


Our agenda is simple – We want to Stop Youth Suicide

It's confronting, in your face and packs a terrible emotional punch. We try to ignore it, change the subject and pretend it’s not happening. But it just doesn't go away.

In Australia alone suicide is now the biggest killer of our youth.

We have so much technology at our fingertips we don't even have to step outside our front doors, yet we’re failing in the very basic, most important of all human endeavours – keeping our kids alive. How can we take joy in our mighty achievements if we can't fulfil this very simple and human thing? What the hell has gone wrong?

Sunnier Side Up is a Feature Length Documentary Film and a 28-Part Web Series that flips the subject of youth suicide on its back, shining a light on the world of today’s teenagers and young people by Illuminating their hopes and fears, struggles and successes, their dreams and ideas for a positive future. It's revealing, honest and intends to inform as well as entertain in a very human way.

Young survivors of attempted suicide will tell their stories, communicating their struggle and growth in a raw and beautiful way that’s never being seen or heard before. Professionals, academics and those working on the front line will share their insight and knowledge, providing a measured balance and context on this emotional and confusing subject.

Sunnier Side Up openly explores the issues of schoolyard and social media bullying, depression, anxiety, self-harm, rejection, social isolation, drug and alcohol abuse, mental illness, marginalized youth and the death of other teenage friends or family.

Producing this 21st Century Documentary in dual broadcast and online formats is essential to deliver the full impact of this positive presentation. Our Multi-Platform Production will reach a wide and varied international audience by targeting all aspects of media technology with an expansive Digital Platform and Social Media Campaign. All of these services and programming will be easily accessible on laptops and computers, smart phones, tablets and consoles.

The Film and Web Series will be made freely available online through our website and YouTube, so that teenagers and parents can access it from the privacy of their own homes, in their hour of need.

Let's give our teenagers a voice and stop youth suicide...



Sunnier Side Up has also qualified with the Documentary Australia Foundation (DAF), as one of their approved documentaries. They hand pick documentary projects with a strong community interest that they support on their philanthropic website. Pledges and donations made in Australia over $250.00(AU) can receive Australian Taxation Rebates for saving lives.


We all care dearly about the subject matter and the need to tell this story. Based at Fox Studios Sydney, the Sunnier Side Up Production Team is a professional filmmaking unit with decades of film, documentary and television production experience between us.

The Writer/Producer/Director Jay Richards has written, produced and directed short films, music videos and documentary web series, and worked as a TV editor. He’s been living and breathing this project for more than a year. When I was teenager I battled with depression and tried to take my own life. Unlike millions of young people the world over I was fortunate enough to get through it, recover and go on to live a happier, successful life. In putting it all together he has managed to find and communicate the universal truths in this complex story which will guide our audience in a way they can connect with, relate to and be inspired by.

Our Senior Producer, Ross Gallen, has delivered high-end television to networks including National Geographic, The Discovery Channel, Beyond, Fox, plus the 7 Network, Channel 10 and the 9 Network for 25 years. The last show that Ross finished producing was the popular international TV Series Mythbusters.

Anna Howard ACS is our Cinematographer. Anna’s 25 years plus experience shooting feature films, documentaries, high-end commercials and television drama is expansive. Jay and Anna have worked hard together to establish a beautiful, cinematic visual and emotional language with which to tell this story.

Executive Producers are Rob Moroney of R&R Media, Stuart Quin of Full Circle Productions, Thomas Mai from Fan Dependent and Josh Pomeranz at Spectrum Films.

Public Relations and Online Marketing are handled by Evans Media, and Stephenie Rodriguez from Mighty Media Group.

Sunnier Side Up has received assistance with crowdfunding & marketing through the Innovative Distribution Program run by FanDependent. The Innovative Distribution program is funded by Screen Australia and Spectrum Films.



Sunnier Side Up


Sunnier Side Up

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A$5 +MAKE THE HONOUR ROLL IN OUR MOVIE! We'd like to thank you for believing in our mission to Stop Youth Suicide by including your in the Honour Roll! We will thank you by name on our website, on our Facebook page, and at the end of the film.
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A$10 +JOIN THE FIGHT! How can you join the fight to Stop Youth Suicide? It's easy! We will send you a Digital Postcard that says "I Helped Stop Youth Suicide" and you could send it to someone you think could use support. And hey, you could even get them to join the fight to Stop Youth Suicide! Plus it makes a great screensaver! We'll also throw in a FREE music download of the film's title song "Save Me".
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A$25 +BRIGHTEN UP! Brighten up your world by wearing the official Sunnier Side Up bracelet. It comes in yellow, yellow, and yellow! Show the world you support the cause to Stop Youth Suicide by getting creative with a complimentary Sunnier Side Up sticker pack and a packet of sunflower seeds. Help make the world a brighter place!
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A$50 +WALK ON SUNSHINE! Know a place that could use some sunshine? Brighten it up with a FREE copy of the Sunnier Side Up DVD in Full HD personally signed by the film’s writer, producer, and director Jay Richards. Gift it to a friend, loved one, or keep it all to yourself!
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A$75 +IN LOVING MEMORY Each time the world loses a young person to suicide so much is lost. Sunnier Side Up wants to immortalise the memory of these young people. For this pledge, if you are able to give us the name, age & passing date of a young person lost to suicide, we will include these details at the conclusion of the film. We would be honored to remember them in this way with respect and dignity. Please email Luci at R&R Media with your loved one's details. Thank you. luci@randrmedia.com
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A$100 +SUNNIER SIDE TOP Here's where things really start to warm up! For pledging $100 we will give you all of the rewards above and a limited edition Sunnier Side Up T-Shirt designed exclusively by Ruby Jacenko! Show that you want to stop Youth Suicide by wearing the same shirt as our Celebrity Ambassadors!
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A$250 +PUT ON THE CHARM It's the little things in life that make all the difference. For your generous contribution we would like to give you all the aforementioned rewards as well as your choice of a pair of unique sunflower cufflinks for men or a beautiful silver bracelet for the ladies. Treat yourself!
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A$500 +TEACH KIDS TO SHINE ON Let's brighten up our schools! Not only will you receive all of the rewards above, we will also gift your school, or the school of your choice, a license to host UNLIMITED screenings of the film! The school will also be gifted a DVD in Full HD personally signed by the filmmakers. Start a conversation with kids about the issues and how to prevent them. Let's Stop Youth Suicide!
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A$1000 +Treat yourself to an official Crowd Funding Launch Gift Bag which were exclusively given to our celebrity guests and media at Hugo’s in Sydney, Australia on July 18th. Full of pampering goodies and gift vouchers. And don't forget you get everything else gifted so far!
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A$2500 +SHINE SOME LIGHT Make the sun shine brighter in your hometown or suburb! Gather teens and families in your community for a screening of the film, followed by a Skype Q&A with the film's Writer,Producer, and Director Jay Richards. On top of all of the rewards above, we will gift you 50 copies of the Full HD DVD to raise awareness and stop youth suicide in your community!
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A$5000 +LET'S BE FRIENDS! $5000 is amazing! We are so grateful for your help and we would be honoured to put your company logo or personal name at the end credits of the documentary as a special thank you. We will also include your logo on the Friends Page of our website as an official Associate Supporter.
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A$10000 +YOU'RE A STAR! Wow, $10,000 is unbelievable! To thank you for supporting the cause so eagerly, your Company Logo or personal Name will be prominently displayed at the end of the credits. Your Logo or Name will also be featured on the Sunnier Side Up website as an Official Supporter. On top of all of the rewards from the levels above, you will also receive 2 tickets to the exclusive World Premiere of Sunnier Side Up in Sydney, Australia. (Airfares & accommodation not included)
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A$20000 +YOU'RE A LIFESAVER! We’re so excited you want to help us save lives! To show the world you care as much about Stopping Youth Suicide as we do, you or your company will be listed as an Associate Producer on the film. On top of receiving all the rewards above, your logo will be featured on the Sunnier Side Up website and your company will be promoted on our Social Media sites. This act of kindness certainly will not go unnoticed!
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A$50000 +YOU'RE CHANGING THE WORLD! Wow! Not only are you making our film possible, but you are changing the world! To show our gratitude, the film's producers will give you their first-rate production services to create a 60 second Web Commercial for your company. And, if possible, will integrate your product into the production of the film. Your Logo will also be displayed in online events and at the film's premiere in Sydney, to which you will receive 6 tickets! (Travel expenses not included)
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