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Old School the New School for Design and Typography’s

Belly of the Beast


Belly of the Beast is the new design publication soon to be released by Old School the New School for Design and Typography based in Melbourne, Australia. This is our very first publication  (and the first of many), Belly of the Beast serves as a bold manifesto for the school’s ideals, discussing the significance of the designer as an agent of social change. It also examines how integral it is to promote positive attitudes towards community, sustainability and bringing humanity back into visual communication.

For a quick limited preview of the Belly of the Beast's 50 pages of content, find the online link here.

Old School the New School for Design and Typography headquarters


Old School is running a 6 week Pozible campaign to raise a minimum of $1500 to get Belly of the Beast to press. As we are an alternative, not for profit design school we do need limited financial assistance. Your donations will not only go towards the printing and distribution of Belly of the Beast, it will also assist in building recognition of the power of design to create positive social change.

And in the very awesome event that we do receive more donations than expected, this money will go towards extra shipping costs and the promotional events and material we use to launch the Belly of the Beast.


On Friday the 21st of June 2013, we will be launching the Belly of the Beast with a unique celebration (that also shares the school’s very first birthday!), which will be held at the Old School headquarters in Coburg, Melbourne.

This special event will also serve as the summit for the Re-Belly-ion of the Beast design engagement initiative, a mind-expanding anti-competition that reinforces the ideas discussed in the publication. You can read more about it here.

The launch will truly be a night to remember. There will also be plenty of audience participation and design activities.


We tell stories. We have the ability to effect people’s perceptions and broaden their mindset. We facilitate community involvement. We ask questions and start public conversations. We promote participation of audiences through thoughtful design. We work on the human level. We make the city mean more to it’s inhabitants than just bricks and mortar. We develop tools to help people influence their surroundings. We help communities solve hard problems. We empower people with new information. We show how alternative systems might work better. We improve the understanding of complex challenges faced by our communities. We create the tools for community collaboration. We help people engage with spaces and alter their perceptions of their own interactions. We develop curricula and teaching materials. We conduct workshops. We teach courses in design, history and social intervention. We work with community organisations and local government. We understand that small things can lead to big things. We are the creators of experience, the initiators of memory and the familiarisers of a sense of place.

Veronica Grow, Belly of the Beast

Belly of the Beast is robust and resilient. The child of Old School New School's creative visionary Veronica Grow, this publication will be carefully printed on sustainable stock, and presents a fresh and accessible examination of the way design can be used within the era of mass production and the corporate machine.

Belly of the Beast aims to incite and motivate its readers with engaging articles by an array of national and international influential designers and writers, including:

Luke Robertson

Patrick Carroll

Rosetta Mills

Meagan Deal

Magda Ksiezak

Veronica Grow

Luna Maurer

So come on and join the movement away from the corporate media and design spectacle! With such exciting and enriching rewards who can say no?

Your support is greatly appreciated.

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A$5 +For your kind donation you will receive a stunning, one of a kind postcard and envelope set. Crafted by Old School friend and exceptionally talented designer Ingrid Horton. Printed on rich, textured 320gsm sustainable stock they reflect the flow between garden, kitchen and studio. These beautiful handmade works also contain a parsley seeds grown right here in the Old School garden. Now isn't that something you'd like to get in the mail? Please Note: $4 extra for overseas shipping.
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A$15 +Thank you for your valued donation. In return you will receive one of these unique, hand-bound and printed, limited edition Lucy and the Moving Moon booklets. Written, designed, constructed and hand bound with strong flax thread on specially selected stock by young and gifted writer and designer Rosetta Lake Mills, the story follows Lucy the spider's magical journey through the night. Please note: $7 extra for overseas shipping.
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A$23 +Thank you very much! With this generous donation the Belly of the Beast publication will be delivered right to your door. This will be a very special artifact as it is not only Old School's very first publication, but a specially marked, hand signed limited collector's edition of the first 100 copies! Please note: $10 extra for overseas shipping.
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A$35 +All GoneFor this kind donation you will receive a very special Old School gift pack. Delicately wrapped in beautiful lace paper you will find a stunning, one of a kind hand made brooch and a unique and elegant ink drawing printed on the finest quality paper. Both pieces artistically crafted by Old School's very talented founder Veronica Grow. In this pack you will also receive your own signed, collector's first limited edition of Belly of the Beast. Please note: $15 extra for overseas shipping.
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A$80 +Geez, thank you so much! For being SO great, you will receive the very unique opportunity to take part in a specially created half day workshop at Old School all about the awesomeness of hand made type. Because you are so special, this includes morning tea and home made cake! Run by the very clever Veronica Grow, the intimate workshop will no doubt challenge and inspire the way you perceive, interact with and create type. You will also receive a special signed copy of Belly of the Beast too!
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A$95 +Wow! You are amazing! How can we possibly repay you? Well, on Friday evening of 3rd August, you will be treated to a special dinner extravaganza! Hosted in the winter warmth of the school's headquarters in Coburg, Melbourne, 6 lucky people will enjoy sharing a heart warming feast of the finest organic food in Melbourne with Rosetta Mills Belly of the Beast Designer. PLUS you will receive a special signed, first press marked collector's edition of Belly of the Beast.
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