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Julian Banks Trio have been invited to perform at the Ubud Village International Jazz Festival (Bali) in August 2016, which will involve two festival performances, and a workshop with local jazz students.

In the words of festival director Yuri Mahatma:

"Ubud Village Jazz Festival was initiated by musicians. Its goals is to have a small, sustainable, Eco- Friendly- international Jazz Festival in Bali which will accommodate musicians and their audiences needs in terms of quality and idealism, and to strengthen and to build a better communication between diverse cultures and nations through Jazz music."

This invitation follows a successful performance at last year’s UVIJF where the trio collaborated with a local artist (Cepi Kusmiadi) on traditional Indonesian percussion instruments (primarily the Kendang Sunda). We found a musical brother in Cepi, and loved the sound of having him perform with the Trio. 

In fact, I loved it so much that I've been writing a host of new tunes with this collaboration in mind... and can't wait to get back over to Indonesia to perform and record with Cepi. 

Our only hurdle in getting back to Bali to play at UVJF and record the new album is a financial one. UVJF is still a relatively small festival, and although they support artists by providing a performance fee and accommodation etc. they aren't able to cover the cost of flights for the trio to get to Bali (and back home!). 

Aside from this cost - our adventure is all ready to go! 

Thanks for taking the time to check out this project... you can see a video of us performing with Cepi at last year's festival... and listen to some of our existing music etc. 

Thanks again! 

How The Funds Will Be Used

The funds will go towards return tickets for the trio from Australia to Bali, Denpasar - as well as some airport transfers etc. 

Our goal is $3500 which is based on research through Virgin Air and other providers. 

The Challenges

I can't foresee any obstacles for this project, we're ready to go with the festival - Cepi is on board to record with us for 3 days in the studio... I have tentatively booked the studio in for those days... I will be paying for the studio costs, and the mixing and mastering myself.... So, if we're able to generate some support for the airfares through this campaign, it's good to go! 

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