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ISSIMO MAGAZINE is a tablet publication showcasing the creativity and ingenuity of Australian performers, artists, designers, filmmakers, authors, architects, musicians, photographers, epicureans, visionaries and entrepreneurs.

Our vision is a bi-monthly magazine that features authentic work and ideas that are not covered anywhere else.

The magazine is published digitally so we can distribute it globally, across borders and cultures instantaneously.

We are reader-supported, meaning your donation helps to pay to produce the magazine.

You are the reader and the publisher.


The founder and editor of ISSIMO MAGAZINE is Veronica Ridge, an award-winning Australian journalist and senior editor who has shaped and fuelled the success of sections of The Age in Melbourne such as the iconic food and wine section Epicure and The Saturday Age’s arts and culture section Life&Style.

Veronica has created ISSIMO MAGAZINE with a group of like-minded writers, editors, producers, designers, digital analysts and multimedia specialists to create a new kind of publication — something more engaging, authentic and diverse than anything on the newsstands.


There’s something special and unexplored about a tablet magazine that showcases informative and entertaining editorial through multimedia or interactive content. ISSIMO MAGAZINE is designed specifically for the iPad, iPhone and Android devices (with potential for a Kindle version in the future).

The format will include pages that look and turn like a magazine; embedded multi-media content such as music, interviews, photo galleries, video and slideshows; sharing capabilities; high-resolution imagery. Get ready to be surprised.


Although a prototype design and many draft stories have already been written, most of the money will be used to build and polish the magazine itself. This includes refining the design, implementing it on the iOS and Android platforms and administrative costs for handling distribution and subscriptions. It also includes building the foundation - we’ll need to keep the virtual lights on: software, infrastructure and legal.

We’re also fundamentally committed to paying contributors and keeping Australian journalists, designers and photographers in work at a time when traditional newspaper and magazine models are seriously challenged and seem unable to give readers what they want.


We are committed to producing for you the best magazine possible and to set the standard for the future of digital publishing. You will find the finest and the latest trends and platforms at ISSIMO MAGAZINE.

Support us and you will be the catalyst for something really special.


Australian journalism, particularly arts and culture, is being marginalised in print and online. We want to tell the stories of our most creative people and the amazing things they create.

At the same time, ISSIMO MAGAZINE will showcase Australia’s top writers. We will arrest the decline in quality journalism industry wide, as budgets are squeezed and new business models emerge in the transition to the digital era.

Please contribute so we can make something revolutionary together.

Choose your rewards to the right of this page, or spread the word among your friends that ISSIMO MAGAZINE is here and needs your support.


What if you don’t raise all the money?

You will automatically get your money returned by Pozible. Issimo Magazine will only happen if we get sufficient support and demand from the community.

What if I don’t have an iPad?

Issimo Magazine will be published for iOS (iPad) and Android devices with potential for a Kindle release in the future.

What stories will you cover?

The multi-form tablet Issimo Magazine will showcase Australia’s most creative people in fields as diverse as the arts, culture, design, architecture, books, film, photography, travel, technology, philosophy, fashion, food and wine. Many stories will also centre on fresh ideas, entrepreneurs and visionaries.

Who will be contributing to the magazine?

Australia’s best writers, authors, columnists, journalists, photographers, designers and illustrators including many alumni of The Age newspaper in Melbourne plus other experienced and respected ex-Fairfax employees.

Can I submit story ideas?

Yes, please send ideas to email and idea we receive is important to us and we will endeavour to reply to every one.

When will my rewards arrive?

Each reward lists the expected delivery date, and the magazine itself will be ready for you in August 2013.

How will I get a copy of the magazine?

The first issue will be released in August 2013. We will email you a link and you can then download the magazine in your iTunes or Google Play account, right onto your iPad or Android tablet - just by following the link.

How many issues will you publish per year?

As a bimonthly magazine we’re looking at six issues a year initially, moving to 12 as engagement increases.

Will you charge for website content?

No. Web content at will be free and our showcase publication, the ISSIMO MAGAZINE app for iPad, IPhone or Android devices, will cost just $5 per issue.

How can I contact you?

Please feel free to contact us on the emails below: (senior editor) (multimedia) (technology) (advertising and customer support)

Even if you cannot donate, we would also welcome any support and feedback by liking:

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