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Laugh. Die. Sparkle.
Support Melbourne-based artists across different disciplines.
Help us cover the production costs of a performance work we've developed called "[ THE UNHOLY BODY OF ] Ignatius Grail" which is being staged during The 2015 Melbourne Fringe Festival at Second Story Studios in Collingwood.

"[ THE UNHOLY BODY OF ] Ignatius Grail" is G I N E S T H O I 's debut production.
The word "GINESTHOI" was scribbled on a strip of papyrus around 30BC & it means "make it so" or "let it be done". It's the only surviving trace we have of the last active Pharaoh of Ancient Egypt. . . Cleopatra.

"[ THE UNHOLY BODY OF ] Ignatius Grail" is about a woman who wants power.
Key influences for the show include: A Course in Miracles, Ingmar Bergman's "The Seventh Seal", Stanley Kubrick's "Eyes Wide Shut", Luc Besson's "The Fifth Element", Harmony Korine's "Spring Breakers", Sofia Coppola's "Marie Antoinette" (& Marie Antoinette's Marie Antoinette... ), Huse Monfaradi's "Call on Me", Dougal Wilson's "Satisfaction" & Cleopatra's Cleopatra (as well as Shakespeare's Cleopatra).

"[ THE UNHOLY BODY OF ] Ignatius Grail" is the beautiful meeting the beastly.
There's movement, music, Shakespeare & sign language.

Ignatius grail is. . . Playing chess with death. Holding up a diner in a pink balaclava. Running like Lola. Rocky Balboa in a training montage. Marie Antoinette binge eating. The Fifth Element. Sandy doing a striptease. Cleopatra applying the asp.

INSTAGRAM: (_ginesthoi)

The artists involved in "[ THE UNHOLY BODY OF ] Ignatius Grail" are :


Kristina Andersen is an actor & artist currently living in Melbourne. Her performance experience extends across the nation & over the seas & includes: musical theatre, dramatic theatre, television, radio plays. pantomime, films, commercials & children's theatre. She's been gypsies, teachers, nurses, lawyers, criminals, animals, victims, waitresses, mothers & prison wardens. She has trained in: Stanislavski, cabaret, Le Boite, Shakespearean text, Strasberg, Feldenkreis & has an advanced diploma in Acting for Camera.
Kristina is also a qualified AUSLAN interpreter & speaks sign language fluently. Kristina's soul as an artist ignites when she expresses herself through sign language. Madeleine witnessed Kristina signing in a Strasberg class years ago & has never been the same again. "{ THE UNHOLY BODY OF ] Ignatius Grail" is Kristina's first time playing a character who speaks through the language.


I am Augustus Lyndon Radford Douglas-Howell. I was born in a small village in Cambridgeshire, England, before emigrating to New Zealand at 5 years old. I have always profoundly enjoyed music, but became especially interested when I was given my first guitar as a teenager. I played in bands, but soon noticed that writing music was a more natural inclination. I was a competent enough musician, but found that I could manifest my ideas more successfully when using an arsenal of composition, arrangement, recording & the tools of a computer program. I studied composition at The New Zealand School of Music, where I got an insight into classical music & its complex theory as well as more contemporary sonic arts. I became interested in hip-hop at a similar time & discovered sampling.
My current vision is inspired by a National Geographic Society record called "Adventuring into the Buried Past". I was taken by the similarities between the narrators' commentary on the processes of archaeology & crate digging & that of sampling vinyl to create music. This metaphor became the driving force for my associated artist name: kingtut.
I'm creating the soundtrack for "[ THE UNHOLY BODY OF ] Ignatius Grail" through a combination of composition, recording, sampling & synthesis. I've been absorbing myself in the concept of the play & allowing it to guide my decisions & direction through the creative process.

kingtut. also created the track "your love" which features in the Pozible video.

JASON HEWITT AKA JA-H (key costume design)

Fashion designer Jason Hewitt of label JA-H was born & raised in South Africa. He grew up across the African continent, Asia & eventually Australia. This nomadic childhood left him with a lasting fascination with other cultures, their unique symbolism, mythology & approach to dress. This area of study was the focus of his graduate collection upon completing his BA in Design at RMIT in 2010. Since then he has shown various bodies of work at events & exhibitions around the country.
As a business, JA-H's design practice was motivated by a growing dissatisfaction - not only with the way products are ceaselessly produced & marketed - but with consumer culture itself.
Fashion, like any other creative industry, has a place & a purpose. However, no industry should exist at the expense of the planet or those working at the bottom of itʼs supply chain. Much like fast food, Jason Hewitt & all who work for his brand believe that fast fashion is bad for us. Not necessarily in a physical sense, but in the way it damages our perceived value of things. Jason Hewitt uses no materials derived from animal products, with the exception of wool & silk. All dyeing, screen-printing, & hand painting is done in house or by local artists.
JA-H is producing key costumes for "[ THE UNHOLY BODY OF ] Ignatius Grail". These are to be a series of pieces specified by the play & interpreted by his studio. Let the mythical, tribal & theatrical collide.

HECTOR MACKENZIE AKA WE LE MIR (Pozible video, publicity stills)

WE LE MIR is based in Daylesford & is the creation of photographer, filmmaker & actor, Hector MacKenzie.
The name "WE LE MIR" isn't meant to be clearly translated or defined. It is derived from French, English, Croatian, Polish & German. It COULD mean: "we the mirror", "we the reflection", "we the me", "we the peace" or "we the light". Hector isn't interested in defining this, but he IS interested in the the un-photobrushed & untranslated side of humanity. And he aims to take photographs & create films with this in mind. He has provided the Pozible videos & poster image for "[ THE UNHOLY BODY OF ] Ignatius grail".

NICK MILLEN (set design)

Nick Millen started his artistic career in the theatre, writing, producing & directing. His theatre practice carried forward into several street performances, which were filmed & became a series of video works for his first solo exhibition "Protest Playground" at Off the Kerb in 2010.
Nick’s interest in public discourse led to the opening of two art spaces in 2011: Egg Gallery (Collingwood) & House of Bricks Gallery & Studios (Collingwood). Through the ensuing visual engagement & use of tools to install art, Nick began to arrange compositions & make sculptures. Nick’s sculpture exhibitions include "Egg for Sale" (2012), "Home" (2013) & "Commonoddities" (2014). His sculptures predominately utilise wood as the main material with an emphasis on recycled materials & materials acquired publicly.
Since 2013, Millen has become an active painter, inspired by his life long hobby of drawing shapes and unconscious patterns. These are to influence the set for "[ THE UNHOLY BODY OF ] Ignatius Grail", the brief of which was to: "please turn Second Story Studios into a temple." Some selected painting solo exhibitions of Nick's are: "I L U" @ Holly Gallery, Queensland (2013), "Colors Missing U" @ L1 Studios, Melbourne (2014) and his most recent exhibition, "Basics" @ Holly Gallery, Queensland. Nick is close to having another exhibition in Melbourne at House of Bricks Gallery that will involve a cross section of his skills in installation, sculpture & video with an emphasis on painting.
Millen has contributed to many group shows in public and in galleries including: "Chopper Lane" (2015), "Outsiders" (2014), "Find Your Spot" (New York 2014) & "Magic" (2012). He has travelled extensively through Europe & the Middle East & went to New York last year for an artists' holiday. Nick was also included in a book documenting young members of the Collingwood community.

LUKE PREER (stage manager)

Luke is a Melbourne based practitioner of all things arts management. Whether it be theatrical stage production or costume management; floor management or first AD for film; or corporate event management. He is a fan of all things organisation & enjoys work with meaning & significance. Luke came on board "[ THE UNHOLY BODY OF } Ignatius Grail" months ago & has assisted in developing the production's layout at Second Story Studios & how best to schedule Madeleine's unconventional approach to creating the performance work.

MADELEINE RYAN (writer, director, producer, playing the role of IGNATIUS GRAIL)

"This young actress is one to watch." Nick Pilgrim, Theatre People, 2014.
Madeleine Ryan is the founder of G I N E S T H O I. She has been performing in theatre around Melbourne for several years. Her writing has been published by Fairfax media on-&-off since was 8. She's worked as a waitress, factory hand, retail assistant, life model & nanny. She's studied at different acting studios. It took her 7 years to complete a Bachelor of Arts degree at Melbourne University, with a double-major in English Literature & Creative Writing. She had an acting agent, then parted ways with an acting agent.
GINESTHOI was born out of Madeleine feeling like she doesn't quite "fit in". In fact, it was the aforementioned agent who said to Madeleine: "Well, you may want to be sword-fighting in Games of Thrones, but I can't get you that role. I mean, you're a writer, aren't you? Go create that for yourself."
Contre-temps, balestra, combat a la florentine >>> & here we are.
Madeleine now spends her time working on "[ THE UNHOLY BODY OF ] Ignatius Grail" with these wonderful artists, thinking about the next performance work she'd like to develop under the GINESTHOI banner & assisting students with their Drama, Theatre, English, Literature & Media studies. And she's never felt more at home.

LOIS SCOTT (playing the role of IRAS)

For me, theatre & acting have somehow created who I am, as cheesy as that sounds. They've given me a place to grow, a place to expand my thoughts & find a voice I never knew I had. This is coming from a girl who used to be too scared to put up her hand to answer a question in class. Theatre has given me confidence & a new way of looking at the world.
Being part of "[ THE UNHOLY BODY OF ] Ignatius Grail" has given me a place to expand my understanding of the craft & to gather knowledge of new ways to express myself. This project is a stepping-stone for me in the journey to discover who Iʼm meant to be in world. Since I was 10 Iʼve dreamed of performing to people. I remember my first play & I was the last person to audition because I was too scared to go up & stand up in front of everyone. But I finally got the courage & did it anyway. The moment I finished was this strange feeling of being overwhelmed & of joy... I had never felt it before. From then on I wanted to be a performer & I know the hardship that comes with such an aspiration.... I get lectures from my parents everyday. But performing is in my blood, itʼs what I breathe & who I am. Like they always say: continue to work hard at what you love no matter what the odds are. Eventually, someone will praise & appreciate what you do.

Lois Scott is also GINESTHOI's Social Media Manager. 
INSTAGRAM: (_ginesthoi)

How The Funds Will Be Used


The Challenges

This project is the embodiment of a Tarot card called "The Nine of Wands", which represents: perseverance, belief, a test of faith, courage, war, persistence, creation, setbacks, stamina, resolve. . . trying repeatedly. . . being on edge, injured, hesitant & paranoid. . .

There have already been many challenges.

Madeleine has a tendency to reach for the moon before taking baby steps on planet earth. While this can be exhilarating, it can create many-a-challenge, such as: two unsuccessful Government Grant applications. One beautiful - yet seemingly nonsensical - Pozible video. One cancelled $20,000 Pozible Campaign. A desire to protect the artists' profit being replaced with a desire to get "bums-on-seats" so their wonderful work can actually be seen. Showbags, then no showbags. Hiring antique chairs, then trips to the tip to find chairs. No fundraiser event, then a fundraiser event. No Facebook Page, then a Facebook Page.               

"The Nine of Wands" also symbolizes one last test or challenge before success: "the look of determination to overcome this final challenge & reach a point of accomplishment and victory. . ." www.biddytarot.com

The time has come.
Help us make it so.

"[ THE UNHOLY BODY OF ] Ignatius Grail".
Laugh. Die. Sparkle.
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A$50 +. CARD . READING .Receive a reading from Madeleine via email or Skype. Madeleine likes using Tarot, Numerology, Astrology, Colour Therapy & Mayan Philosophy. She'll use a combination of these for you via Skype or in writing via email.
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A$70 +. CUSTOMISED PORTRAIT .Receive a customised portrait from artist, writer & musician Freya Bennett, of Tigress Magazine. Email a photo to info@ginesthoi.com.au.
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A$1500 +. THE ROYAL THRONE .Co-creator credit on the production, thank you notes everywhere we can post them, a portrait by WE LE MIR on the website . . . 10 tickets to the show on a night of your choosing.
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