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Baris 19 (Sonnet 19) is a short film directed by Fatin Danea. This film is a project based thesis for final years. This film currently in pre-production which still on going stage-by-stage (right now we are in actor selection). This short film will be shooting over a week in early August 2015 and anticipated release by October or November.  Baris 19 (Sonnet 19) is about a young lecturer named Khaeryll Hakim who really in love with artistic poems and got a big mission towards his students to felt the same way like him. But, he's not lucky because his students is a rebellious kids. They hate the way he teach and they ignore the effort that he shows about the poetry world to them. 

::What is Baris 19 (Sonnet 19)?::

--> Baris 19 is the title of a poem that written by the lecturer (Khaeryll Hakim).
--> This Poem is about his life and he faced everyday
--> This poem is the story of his life - how bad it is, how lovely it is - how meaningful it is
--> This poem is his satisfaction. Also one of his medication.
--> He wrote everything he feel and what he will do through the poem
--> He fall in love to a girl for the first time in his life and he share it through the poem.
--> He kills someone and he share through the poem

::The plot of the story::
Baris 19 is a 15 minutes short film that shows a life of young lecturer who infected by mental disorder since he was a kids. This story tells us how a Schizophrenic person handling their life as normal as they can. Besides that, this film also present what the challenges that this person faced along his life. 

1) The story begin with Khaeryll get up early in the morning and prepare himself going to work.
2) He found a great poem from a book that he bought and decide to share it with his student
3) His students show no interest with his lecture and they disrespect him as well
4) Mr Agi (Khaeryll's mentor) advise him to at ease with those students and give a space for himself.
5) One of Khaeryll's student inform that, the writer of the great poem was a poetry singer and she always sing in 
   indie bookstore event.
6) For the first time Khaeryll reach a girl(Kyrana) because they share the same interest.
7) Khaeryll and Kyrana fall in love and they had a great time together.
8) Khaeryll get a blackmail letter from his student (Sophie). she told him that she also fall in love with
   him. She warn Khaeryll to leave Kyrana immediately. If he refuse, she will cut herself and die.
9) Khaeryll lost his mind and he afraid what will happen next. His student, Farell always come to him and serve 
  him with poem and books to attract him. Farell is one of the best student in his class who always scored
  high marks and impress him. The way Farell look at him is something that out of his mind, How come 
  a boy got a feeling with him. Gay? That's a big no way!
10) He told Kyrana about the mess. Kyrana give a full support on him and promise him that she will be always with him.
    Kyrana told him to carry on with his new poem as well.
11) Sophie meet Khaeryll with her wrist full with knife cuts. Her face so pale and weak. Her eyes really dark and looks like she cried
    for a long time. Sophie hug him and cry. She show him her wrist and told him that, this is the first warning. if he still
    refuse to leave Kyrana, she will do more that cut her wrist.
12) Khaeryll freak out and starting feel the darkness in his life.  He got a thrill dream at night. He knew that, the dream was the bad sign.
13) Farell visit him at home. Khaeryll welcome his student but he do feel the strange feeling towards Farell. 
14) Khaeryll shocked when Farell tell him about his feeling. Farell wants to be with him no matter what. Khaeryll struggle on his
    words to reject Farell nicely. But Farell take it in wrong way. He intend to kill his own lecturer.
15) Farell cuts Khaeryll's body. Khaeryll's bleed so badly and tried to fight back.
16) Khaeryll hit Farell's head.
17) Both of them collapse

This is some of the screenplay that will be appear on Baris 19.

How The Funds Will Be Used

We really need your support to make this project happen. We already have an amazing number of volunteered crew who got their own special skills to help on this project. But, without funding, i am afraid this project won't archive the goal or in other words... will not be happen. So we need all of you to help us and support us as well.

::What we need?::
We want this film looks great as we planned and your generous donation will go completely to everything that this film needed. (Props, wardrobe, make up and etc). Besides that, we have a lack of shooting equipment stuffs. So, we need to rent some of the equipments for shooting purpose. (Red Cam, screen monitor, audio(boom mic /h4n /h6),Lighting, tripod, dolly track, generator, drone and transport to take all these equipment to every location>).

::The other uses of the fund::
Food catering. Our shooting will be held for 7 days out long. Our team is not a big number of people, but we need to get the catering for casts & crew members for their break time.  In post production, your donation will go for sound design, Original soundtrack, color grading, cost for DVD, printing the posters and entries to film festivals.

We hope from your kindly donation will make this project happen and thanks to all of you who will donate the funds for us as your big support. Thank you in advance to whoever and wherever you are. You got a pretty and warm heart. (^_^)

The Challenges

The big challenges for student project of course the funding. If we didn't get enough funding, we cannot rent equipment for shooting(for 5 days long), we cannot buy everything the production and the film's need (as I state on what we need through the donation column). 
Secondly, we need to make sure the storyline is really follow with my partner of this project and mine thesis studied too. Because this project is based on our thesis study (representation of schizophrenia through psychoanalytic) (the framing of the shot in cinematography)
Storyline, Original soundtrack, and editing process is where we need to pool our fund and this is where we need all of you to help us make sure this short film (the look, the story, the sound/song) serves the need of our thesis study and my vision as director.

We also keep updating our work on Facebook page:  Blackroses Production (link), plus you can tweet us at @Sonnet_19 with the hastag #barissembilanbelas / #sonnetnineteen / #fpb19. Do follow and like us on Facebook and Twitter too. Really appreciate your support.

For the last and not least, Thank you for dropping by and give your precious time to look at our project. We are so excited to make this project happen. And thank you so much to be a part of this project. <3  (n_n)v 
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