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In early 2014 Hannah Bennett approached Suzannah Kennett Lister and asked her to write and direct her one-woman show. The idea was a non-traditional cabaret, equal parts funny and tragic that would chart a course through Hannah’s life and experiences of mental illness. Suzannah thought this idea sounded big and scary and she liked it a lot, so she said yes.

Ben Roberts came on board as producer and brought with him all the drive and practical know how needed to get the show in front of an audience.

The result is a show that explores the mind’s capacity for contradiction and dissonance and the sometimes glorious, sometimes terrifying way it can shape our world.

Mental illness is something people don’t often like to talk about. Hannah wants to talk about it because it seems to her that there are an awful lot of things to be experienced in life, an awful lot of things to be felt and as with most things, experiences are best when shared. Because if nothing else, when you’re sharing something, you’re not alone.

The project now needs your support because although Hannah, Suzannah and Ben have the vision, talent and drive to get the show off the ground, they just don’t have the funds. (The cliché of the struggling artist isn’t dead yet!)

Thankfully the amazing group at Headspace Woodville have come on board as our presenting partner though and have  helped the cause by providing both financial and in-kind support! So join Headspace and dig deep :)

Any support you could give would go a long way in covering some of the costs listed below.

How The Funds Will Be Used

Some things are a non-negotiable when it comes to theatre, and whilst we are trimming the fat as best we can, certain elements need to be covered. Specifically (costings are researched approximates) . . . . . . . .

- Public Liability Insurance ($450)
- Application costs for the Cabaret Fringe ($250)
- APRA Music Licensing (TBC)
- Basic audio and lighting equipment ($800)
- Some material costs (Set, Costume etc) ($700)
- Marketing and Publicity ($600- Printing and Distribution inc)
- Musical arrangement and sourcing (TBC)

Your money will go directly to covering these expenses.

The Challenges

Thankfully due to the kind support of our sponsors a lot of the risks associated with Independent theatre have been minimized, however some challenges still remain, chiefly the fee's associated with musical arrangement and insurance. The income generated from this campaign would go a long way to addressing these issues and provide the means by which the overall production can flourish. 
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A$500 +No Gimmick Just GratitudeFrom the bottom of our hearts, thank you! No fancy words or sparkly rewards can repay you for your generosity, however we'll do our darnedest. All the above will apply, plus . . . - A musical recording of all the songs in the show sung by Hannah Bennett - Program listing as Primary Patron
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