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Scene Through My Eyes is a world first screen based drama, set amongst the lives and loves of members and patrons of a BDSM Fetish Club… 'Inner Sanctum'.  Its aim is to follow unique characters on their journey through the 'Inner Sanctum' and explore the taboo nature of fetish, sex and alternative lifestyles in an engaging, sensual, humerous, character driven, dramatic screenbased series.

50 Shades doesn't come close when there is an unlimited variety of colours, shades and tones to experience and embrace.

Scene is being made by the people who have run the clubs, developed the practices, adore the community and want to share their amazing stories with the wider world.

Each episode will focus on a different character, and tell the story of what brought them to the door and the journey they take once inside 'Inner Sanctum'.

Importantly, each story has a foundation in an actual anecdote, character or incident.

Images courtesy of: various artists

Director's Statement
Scene Through My Eyes is an Alice Through The Looking Glass screen based series where we follow everyday people as they walk through a door into another world full of mystery and drama (with dollops of humour) colliding with splashes of eroticism and the bizarre allowing for the total self to be revealed. A fascinating peek into the world of alternative lifestyles told through individual episodes.

My vision is to create a series that explores these unique clandestine characters through story. The imagery will be highly evocative in the Helmut Newton style of framing and pose.

The introduction of the characters will be in muted tones but once through the door the contrast and colour become richer and more heightened and camera work more dynamic. High key lighting will be used to create areas of seen and unseen.

The styling of the fetish wear will be created by some of the best master designers giving the stories a highly sophisticated ambiance along with a professional film crew who are well versed in high-end visuals and story-telling.

I look forward to having you join us on this journey to something new, exciting and revealing.


Key Crew

Image courtesy of: Art X Photography

Director - Salik Silverstein (IMDb Link)
Salik is an award winning director/filmmaker whose work is spread across Feature films, Television Commercials, Music Videos, Documentaries and on-line content.
His awards include Cannes’s Lions, Mobius Chicago, New York Film and Television Festival, Melbourne, Sydney, London, and Venice Film Festivals. An early pioneer of Music Videos, he has directed film/video projects both nationally and internationally.

Director of Photography - Matt Wood (IMDb Link)
Matt is a highly sought after Melbourne based Director of Photography who has won numerous awards for his cinematography. His eye for capturing the most beautiful images possible means that 'Scene' will have the look and feel of a big budget production and be a joy to watch.

Writer & Executive Producer - Tracy G (ABODE)
In 2004 Tracy G together with her partner The Colonel founded ABODE, one of the world’s premiere fetish clubs. Since then she has developed a reputation as ‘the chick that does everything’. With a natural flair for lighting and spatial design, event production and performance conceptualisation it is her signature ‘elegantly twisted’ style that has made its mark both in and outside of ABODE.
Prior to this, Tracy’s successful corporate career in Commercial Services and Event Production instilled in her the importance of being multi-skilled. She managed at a senior level, many and varied projects including the prestigious Premiere’s Book Awards (WA), The Royal Agriculture Society contract and the Athletes Village Dining Room at Sydney 2000 Olympics.

Adviser & Executive Producer - The Colonel (ABODE) (IMDb Link)
He is the enigma and beating heart of ABODE and along with his partner, Tracy G, knows more about what makes the alternative lifestyle scene tick, than most.
From humble beginnings working in various family businesses, his appreciation of people, passion for adventure and acceptance of diversity has seen him take on many life challenges that have shaped The Colonel of today.
His career has covered many spectrum's from Youth Councilor to Burlesque Performer, Corporate trouble-shooter to Professional Dominant. In 2001 he formed Primal People, a casting and consulting service and provider of 'all things alternative' to the film and TV industry, having worked on productions including The Matrix Trilogy, Ghost Rider, Underbelly and Wentworth. In 2013 he was Executive Producer on the feature film 'SUBMERGE', which has won awards at Film Festivals all over the world.
His oversight, advice, guidance and experience will mean that what you see on screen, is real, honest and eye opening.

Producer - David Leadbetter (IMDb Link)
Multi award winning Producer (including a Grand Prix at Cannes Lion), David has assembled some of Melbourne's best Film & TV professionals to ensure that 'Scene' is made to the highest standard, to be seen by the most discerning audience.

Composer - Robert Upward (IMDb link)
Robert Upward is a professional screen composer, songwriter and producer. Robert  has had stints as a judge for both the AACTA Awards and Tropscore, composed the original score for the high profile SBS documentary series Immigration Nation, which was nominated for an AACTA/AFI Award for Best Documentary Series in 2012.
Robert was a finalist in the prestigious 2004 APRA Screen Music Awards, for his work on the documentary Docklands (7, Australia) with Igloo Design. Additional TV credits have included the series’ Out & About (Foxtel UK, MTV U.S.), and Cactus Garden (10 Australia, UK/US).
Robert composed the score for the 2013 ABC2 documentary Our Little Secret, and also wrote the haunting score for Fatal Honeymoon, a feature film directed by Nadia Tass. Robert also wrote the original score for the feature film Centre Place.

Image courtesy of: Art X Photography


We would like to acknowledge and thank our industry associates for their contribution to this project...

Logo Graphic Design: Vicious Vector
Photography by: Art X and Ju Photography
Images courtesy of: Eagle Leather (Australia)

Episode Breakdown

Images courtesy of: Eagle Leather (Australia)

Initially, we will make 2 x 15 minute pilot episodes that will introduce some of the main characters and help set the tone for the entire series.

'Inner Sanctum' is a place like no other, a home away from home and a realm between worlds. A BDSM Fetish club brimming with the drama, desire, discovery and heartache of its clients, staff and proprietors. A deliciously diverse collection of characters, all of them regular people living their own lives. Sensually, empathetically and sometimes humorously portrayed on screen for the first time.

Each episode story arc will be laid over a seasonal storyline that will dramatise the day to day pleasure and pain, triumph and tragedy of participating in and operating an alternative, ground-breaking BDSM Fetish club in a mainstream and often conservative world.

Episode 1 (pilot 1): I AM TASHA
Táshá is a stunning Monroe-esque blonde Russian bombshell. A mother and partner through the glimmer of day, though as the moon sets over her city, she transforms into a flirty, scandalous and seductive creature, much to the delight of her lover Lex. She loves to be the focus of attention and knows no bounds on wanting to achieve it. Tonight's game begins, much to the pleasure of those stepping into ' Inner Sanctum' for the first time wanting to explore all they have heard, especially after their own unsuccessful and kind of humorous domestic attempts at BDSM. Encountering Táshá opens the door to the world of possibilities.

Episode 2 (pilot 2): A GIRL..... A WHAT?
Dee is a seasoned security person in the nightlife industry arriving for her first crowd control shift at the infamous club 'Inner Sanctum'. Believing she has seen it all, she will soon learn that things and people are not always what they appear to be. No-one demonstrates this better than Enya Crack an 'Inner Sanctum' favourite and close friend of Miss T. A non-conforming individual in ways you wouldn't begin to imagine, Enya Crack takes things to a level only a few have seen and try to get their head around.

Episode 3: Third Time Lucky
Episode 4: The T-Gyrls Big Bail Out
Episode 5: The Slut and the Dragon
Episode 6: Tie Me - Take Me
Episode 7: Cut My Lunch, The Dom That Wants It All
Episode 8: Double Sided Peep Hole
Episode 9: Whips and Chains Will Never Hurt Me
Episode 10: We're Gonna Party Like He Used To Be 49
Episode 11: The Story of the Bear
Episode 12: Alex, you Dirty, Dirty Girl!
Episode 13: Shine My Latex, Lick My Boots
Episode 14: Lead Me To Temptation... Then Deliver Me To Evil

How The Funds Will Be Used

Image courtesy of: Ju Photography

We are using these funds, combined with private investment, to shoot two pilot episodes of the show. To do the script and subject matter justice, we are using professional equipment, cast and crew. 'Scene' is being made with the highest production values possible, by some of the finest practitioners in the Film & TV industry.

The breakdown in costs for the two pilot episodes is approximately;
10% Pre-production
60% Production
25% Post Production
5% legals/ business structure

The Challenges

Image courtesy of: Art X Photography

The interest in BDSM and Fetish has risen significantly in the last few years, and although there may be challenges when presenting real stories in this genre, our aim is to depict them in an honest and believable setting by showing real activity, characters and emotions in a way that hasn't been seen before.

Film & TV production is a collaborative exercise and getting the right balance of creatives, technicians and production crew can be tricky. However, with the collective having already worked on various interesting and at times slightly controversial mainstream projects, we’re confident to be able to source the required team which will enhance this unique project.

One exciting challenge is going to be setting the mood and tone on set for some of our cast whom will no doubt be new to the alternative lifestyle world and ensuring that everyone is comfortable with what is asked of them and seeing them perform to the best of their abilities.

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A$50000 +Scene 12 - Ultimate DomAll of the above rewards PLUS Associate Producer credits with 2% of net profits of the 1st season
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