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Hi and welcome to my page. I have been a professional photographer for more than 30 years.

In that time I have made the transition from film photography to digital, and while I appreciate the digital revolution I have found more and more I yearn for a return to more hands on, tactile, organic methods of photography.

I'm excited about being part of a movement to revive and preserve vintage photography techniques,in particular wet plate collodion photography.

I have already done several one-day wet plate workshops and have built a wet plate darkroom at home, but find the process very challenging and more difficult than any other area of photography I have dealt with in the past. I don't just want to dabble in wet plate photography, I want to be very proficient at it, in order to progress my creative goals, but also most importantly to share and teach this technique with others in my home state of Tasmania and to be part of the wider community of photographers sharing their love and knowledge of alternative photographic processes throughout Australia and worldwide.

I have found an intensive residential course taught by a master tintype instructor David Emitt Adams.I am very excited about the opportunity of attending a workshop that runs over many days in an amazing creative setting with a group of like minded learners and teachers. Only 14 places are available for this course each year, and I have been assured of a place in the 2015 workshop.

I have already raised funds to cover my airfares and incidental expenses, but I need to raise funds towards the actual course.
My target is $3,000, which will go towards the actual course fee of $3925.00

About Wet Plate Collodion Photography

The wet plate collodion process dates from 1851, and was invented by an English sculptor and photographer, Frederic Scott Archer.

This process fascinates me. The appeal of the wet plate collodion technique lies in both its ability to render exqiusite detail and sharpness and the inherent imperfections. Each image is one of a kind, unrepeatable – and often with beautiful unpredictable imperfections. By contrast, digital images if not executed perfectly can be ‘fixed’ in post-production.

Wet plate photography requires a photographer to literally be hands on, and to work very fast . For me the smell of the chemicals, the need for manual skill and dexterity,  looking for creative expression in the subject matter, not just relying on technique, working slowly and methodically, and yet with the time constraints of a process that must be exposed and processed while the plate is still wet and within reach of a darkroom(or mobile darkroom) offer me the ultimate photographic challenge.
The process was simultaneously nerve-racking and exciting—it was win all or lose all, every plate a gamble. But the rewards were so rich. It’s an incredible feeling to hold a photograph and not just see it on a screen. Whether they are tin or glass, the photographs have weight to them. The finished plates even smell of lavender because they are varnished in a mixture of diluted tree sap and lavender oil. It’s a tactile, nearly sensual experience. Janna Dotschkal
Associate Photo Editor, Digital, National Geographic

Wet Plate Video

Below is a short video demonstrating the Wet Plate process. In the video Master Wet Plate practitioner Quinn Jacobson demostrates how a Wet Plate is made ussing glass. At the moment I am primarily working onto sheets of Trophy Aluminium, it is the essentially the same process.

Stretch Reward added!

I am humbled and blown away by the amazing support my campaign has received. In the last 24 hours a massive surge from supporters far and wide, none of whom are known to me, so thanks for your belief in my project, or the wet plate collodion process or photography or the arts in general!

My initial funding goal was I hoped modest, in asking only to fund part of the total cost of the workshop I hope to attend. Of course a portion of the funds raised go to pay the Pozible fees and produce the rewards. The campaign is going so well I would like to reward those who have supported me early and encourage those still to come on board by adding a stretch goal if I can reach the full amount of the workshop fee of $3925.

All the rewards already pledged are guaranteed if i reach my target of $3000.00(which is looking very likely to me). However for everybody that has already pledged $50 or more and for every new pledge of $50 of more, if I reach $3925 I will add an additional bonus 5 x7 inch fine art reproduction of one of the wet plates I produce at the workshop to your reward.This is on top of whatever reward level is chosen.

We did it!!!

Thanks to your amazing support my campaign has hit its target goal in just under 30 days. An impressive result. There is still plenty of time to push on and reach the stretch goal, which will help cover the Pozible fees and the current high cost of the US dollar(which the course fees are in). Thanks so much for your generosity and belief in the project and in me.
Just thought I would add a breakdown of costs versus money raised. The cost of the workshop fee in Australian dollars is$3904. I am covering travel costs myself. Money raised to date is $3015, less Pozible fees of $150(so far) leaves $2865 raised. There are 30 days to go and it would be awesome to push on and reach that stretch goal, of $3925.00. Everyone who pledges $50 or more receives a bonus reward.

How The Funds Will Be Used

My target of $3,000 will go towards the total course fee of $3925. I have already personally saved the funds needed to pay for my airfares and incidentals.Should my campaign raise funds beyond my goal, the additional funds will be used to upgrade my Wet Plate darkroom/studio set up.

The Challenges

With the exception of illness or accident preventing me from attending I do not foresee any obstacles to the succes of this project.
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A$15 +Grateful PackageMy heartfelt thanks and a personal handwritten thank you on one of my own photographic greeting cards, with envelope
1 Chosen | Unlimited AvailableEst. delivery is July 2015
A$35 +Postcard from FlorenceHandwritten thank you on a postcard purchased and posted from Florence, plus upon return I will email you a high resolution digital file of a scene from my trip suitable for printing
0 Chosen | Unlimited AvailableEst. delivery is July 2015
A$50 +Fine Art Print Package 1In addition to the Postcard from Florence package you will receive a Fine Art reproduction 5 x 7 inches, of your choosing from one of the original Wet Plate images I create at the workshop. Unlimited editions
15 Chosen | Unlimited AvailableEst. delivery is August 2015
A$80 +Fine Art Matted PrintsThis is a special reward level offering matted prints of my recent Professional photography award entries. Matted ready for framing. Image is approx 10 inches on the long side, and the overall matt is approx 16x20 inches. Check out the gallery of available prints here: http://tinyurl.com/m93fdg8 Please note the images in the gallery are photographs of the actual prints, as such do not represent the true quality of these prints.Leave me a comment indicating your selection
0 Chosen | Unlimited AvailableEst. delivery is April 2015
A$100 +Fine Art Print Package 2In addition to the Postcard from Florence package you will receive a Fine Art reproduction 16 x 20 inches, of your choosing from one of the original Wet Plate images I create at the workshop. Unlimited editions
11 Chosen | Unlimited AvailableEst. delivery is August 2015
A$250 +Wet Plate Portrait In addition to the Postcard from Florence Package, you will receive your own personal portrait sitting and 5x4 inch original Wet Plate from the sitting. The portrait sitting is only available in Hobart. Five available.
3 Chosen | 3 AvailableEst. delivery is September 2015
A$275 +Wet Plate OriginalIn addition to the Postcard from Florence Package, you will receive a unique one-off original plate from those that I produce at the workshop. I will retain a digital copy of the plate for portfolio and print reproduction. Five available.
1 Chosen | 4 AvailableEst. delivery is September 2015
A$500 +Wet Plate ExperienceIn addition to the Fine Art Print Package 1, you will receive a one on one workshop session to experience hands on the creation of Wet Plate Collodion images,and keep any plates you create.This package is only available in Hobart. One Available
0 Chosen | 1 AvailableEst. delivery is December 2015