Fresh Air Festival 2015

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Fresh Air is Australia’s only International Festival of Games - and it's completely free to attend!

Pop Up Playground and Federation Square launched Fresh Air in 2013, aiming to present the best pervasive games, street sports and constructive play from around the world. We've hosted works by designers from the UK, the US, Canada and Copenhagen, as well as local designers from NSW, WA, Tasmania and Victoria, and commissioned two all new pervasive street games: Outside Line by local designers No Show in 2013, and Spirits Walk, an international collaboration with UK designers Serious Business in 2014.

We're running this Pozible campaign to make this year's Fresh Air even bigger and better. It will feature four full days of new games in and around Federation Square with more ways to play than ever, including some international guests! 

Already joining us from the UK is Gwyn Morfey, Director of Fire Hazard games. Gwyn will be running Fire Hazard’s particular brand of anarchic street sports as part of our day time program. We also have another guest or two waiting in the wings; we hope to be able to confirm and announce them before the campaign ends!

And, just as exciting, we’ll be featuring new games and experiences by local artists and designers - including a bespoke puzzle adventure experience by the team from Escape Room Melbourne, designed just for Fresh Air!

Who are Pop Up Playground?

Pop Up Playground is among the first, the best known and the most innovative immersive live entertainment and games companies in Australia. Established in 2011, Pop Up Playground has made street games and pervasive performances for the State Library of Victoria, Freeplay Independent Games Festival, White Night Festival, the Melbourne Symphony Orchestra and Bell Shakespeare and toured street games to w00t festival in Copenhagen and Come Out and Play festival in New York.

Pop Up Playground are:

Freelance playwright, director and academic Robert Reid (Artistic Director).
Award winning public artist Sayraphim Lothian (Constructive Communities Director).
Actor, comedian, writer and game designer Ben McKenzie (Game Mechanic). 
Interdisciplinary artist Jess Kilby (Pervasive Play Developer). 
Producer and arts manager Anastasia Ryan (Administrator).
Veteran educator Malena Martens (Developmental Play Coordinator).

How The Funds Will Be Used

Our existing funding from Federation Square already covers our basic running costs: materials, props, equipment hire and insurance. But we do all this on a fraction of the money spent by other festivals of a similar size, and even with this campaign we'll still be running things lean and mean. If we are to grow, we need your help! 

Your pledges from this campaign will primarily go towards the costs of bringing our international guests to Australia, but will also allow us the freedom to make better props, bigger games and bring all the people we need on board. And of course we'll be covering the costs of delivering your rewards and the Pozible and credit card fees.

Another goal for 2015 is to pay our artists and designers something closer to a professional fee, so any money we make over our target will go towards paying all our hard-working actors, artists and designers more for the many many hours they put in.

The Challenges

Fresh Air faces the same challenges as any large-scale event or festival - scheduling issues, logistical problems, crowd management and staffing.

But this isn't our first rodeo! With four previous festivals under our belt, and decades of production experience amongst the team, Pop Up Playground is well experienced in dealing with planning and logistical issues, and the Pozible funding is aimed at addressing any potential staffing challenges.

Our real challenge this year is to grow our presence in the space, and increase awareness of the festival. To make Fresh Air 2015 as inclusive and exciting as possible we want to keep growing the range of games and styles of play on offer, and bring you the best of international street game design. But with your help, both in terms of your pledges and helping to spread the word, we're confident we'll succeed!
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A$5 +Thank you!We'll thank you on the Pop Up Playground web site!
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A$10 +The First StickerGame!Our first StickerGame - a game that travels with you! It's a durable vinyl sticker you can stick on your laptop, car, bicycle, or anything else you like, featuring a mini-game which changes depending on where you're playing. This first StickerGame is exclusive for this campaign. Plus we'll thank you on our web site!
12 Chosen | Unlimited AvailableEst. delivery is March 2015
A$25 +Book of Games (PDF)A special, Pozible-only edition of the Pop Up Playground Book of Games! Containing all the rules you need to play a selection of our favourite games, plus some new ones created just for the book. Plus we'll thank you on the web site and in the book!
30 Chosen | Unlimited AvailableEst. delivery is March 2015
A$50 +Learn to PlayLearn how to play some of our favourite games - board games, parlour games, card games and some of our own - in this three hour relaxed event with Pop Up Playground's Game Mechanic, Ben McKenzie, and the team. There are limited places; times and locations to be negotiated (but will be in Melbourne). Plus you'll get the PDF games book, the StickerGame and we'll thank you on the web site and in the book!
12 Chosen | 88 AvailableEst. delivery is June 2015
A$100 +Game Design WorkshopLearn how to make games the Pop Up Playground way in a 3 hour workshop with our Game Mechanic, Ben McKenzie - plus there will be cakes! There are limited places, and the times and locations of the workshops will be negotiated. If you'd like us to run one outside of Melbourne, please get in touch before pledging! Plus you'll get the PDF games book, the StickerGame and we'll thank you on the web site and in the book!
6 Chosen | 44 AvailableEst. delivery is June 2015
A$250 +Wanna Play A Game?We'll come and run you one of our existing games that takes up to an hour to play for around 10-20 players; examples of suitable games from our back catalogue include The Ride, Gong!, Bury Your Treasure and Wikisneaks. Time and place to be negotiated; if you'd like us to travel outside Melbourne additional costs will apply, so get in touch first! Plus you'll get the PDF games book, the StickerGame and we'll thank you on the web site and in the book!
0 Chosen | 20 AvailableEst. delivery is June 2015
A$500 +Inspire A Game!We'll design a new Pop Up Playground game based on a theme and/or style of play of your choice - and you'll be credited forever on the game! We'll debut this game at Fresh Air, and depending on the nature of the game, we'll also run it for you privately. Plus you'll get the PDF games book, the StickerGame and we'll thank you on the web site and in the book!
1 Chosen | 4 AvailableEst. delivery is March 2015
A$750 +Bespoke Street AdventureThe Pop Up Playground team will design a unique adventure game experience for up to eight people. All we need is to work out a date and time and contact details for everyone who will play, but you can make a few requests. A great idea for a party or other special celebration. (Please note additional costs may apply if you're outside Melbourne; get in touch first!) Plus you'll get the PDF games book, the StickerGame and we'll thank you on the web site and in the book!
0 Chosen | 5 AvailableEst. delivery is June 2015
A$1500 +Workplace Games WorkshopPop Up Playground will come to your place of work and run one of our two-hour game workshops, in which you play games that promote problem solving, teamwork, innovation, leadership skills and more for up to 20 employees. This is a special Pozible discount rate for this service! Plus we'll list you as a corporate sponsor of Fresh Air.
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