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Young and Moodie are an independent kids label made up of husband and wife, Narelle Young and Craig Moodie. Narelle is actually a Moodie now too but Moodie Moodie doesn't have the same ring to it!
We've launched this campaign because we need your help. The Young and Moodie label was born out of a love of all things creative and we still have so much to give, it's ludicrous! We've been blown away by the awesome response we have had with our first little collections and are now ready to have our Winter 15 range produced.
Unfortunately we're now faced with the dreaded position of cashflow. We have approximately 60% of the funds we need to move forward but understandably our manufacturer isn't going to ship our garments without full payment!
What we are asking of you (our loved ones and dedicated followers!) is too make a pledge to us. But even more importantly, is to ask your friends to share the love too. Now don't think your generosity is going to go empty handed. Oh no no! Think of the pledge as more of a pre purchase with added benefits!! Check out the pledge options on the right and please please please, tell some friends about us and our predicament. We would really appreciate it. Thanks for supporting us, Craig and Narelle.

Winter 15 sneak peek

Since you're all our first potential customers for our Winter 15 range, it's only fair you should be able see the goods! We'll be offering the range to the Pozible campaign supporters well in advance of the stores that will be stocking them as well as before they go live on our site. Free postage will apply to all AU and NZ pledges and a nominal $5 will be charged for other overseas pledges. Considering the discounts on offer though, it's definitely open to international pledges so let your foreign or travelling friends know too!
Here are some product sample shots to wet your appetites. This range is available in sizes 2-8 inclusive. 
We have affectionately named them from left to right: 
"Houston we have a problem",  "Flying lessons", "Heliboarder"  & "Batteries not included"

Plain grey and plain black pants also available in the same cut.

Are there any risks?

No! If we reach our target, your little Young and Moodie's will be rockin' some awesome new threads and if we don't, you don't get charged. As they say, it's a win-win situation.
Please pledge and share with your friends! No pledge is too small, every little bit helps. Follow us on facebook for updates, new designs and other news.
Thanks in advance for your support, you're awesome!!

How The Funds Will Be Used

Some common questions you might have are "Where is the money going to be spent" 
A: Pretty straight forward really, remaining balance for the order we have placed including freight,duty and gst =$3000
  Production of samples for the next summer = $1000

The Challenges

As with all business, there can be unexpected hurdles but we try and minimise these by being as thorough as possible. The old measure twice, cut once philosophy! If there are any problems along the way we will deal with them immediately so there's nothing lingering over our heads.
on 30th Nov 2014 at 9:22pm. The payment portal is closed now.
A$5 +Good KarmaThank you for your support. Please accept 10% off your next online purchase excluding any sale items. We hope that some good karma will also be returned.
3 Chosen | 497 AvailableEst. delivery is February 2015
A$10 +The gift of givingWe appreciate your support. Please accept 10% off your next online purchase. As an extra token we'd love to send a couple of our YAM logo face stickers to you. Stick em on a car window to advertise your support or leave them with the kids to decide their fate!
0 Chosen | 50 AvailableEst. delivery is December 2014
A$25 +Pre purchase Now this is where you get to choose a long sleeve top (or even a tee depending on availability) You'll of course also get the 10% off your next online order and some stickers to boot! Postage is included by the way.
2 Chosen | 48 AvailableEst. delivery is February 2015
A$40 +Double troubleChoose 2 long sleeve tops (or tees depending on availability) Receive 2 stickers. 2 x 5% off your next online order! Postage included too ;-)
5 Chosen | 35 AvailableEst. delivery is February 2015
A$60 +3's a crowdSame as above but we're throwing in a hoodie or sweater of your choice! Premium weight cotton/poly fabric blend with one of our awesome new designs. Stand out in the crowd!
10 Chosen | 30 AvailableEst. delivery is February 2015
A$80 +4 crying out loud!2 long sleeves, 1 hoodie or sweater and a pair of pants of your choice. 10% off your next online order. Are you getting the gist now! Don't forget those stickers and free postage now.
9 Chosen | 21 AvailableEst. delivery is February 2015
A$100 +5 finger discountThat's right. You guessed it. You get five items for your awesome pledge! Choose 2 long sleeves (or anything from our past designs depending on availability) Then mix and match the other 3 items between pants, hoodies and sweaters. It's up to you! 10% off your next online order and stickers coming your way too.
14 Chosen | 6 AvailableEst. delivery is February 2015
A$150 +Lucky 7'sIt's more than luck. You get to choose any…yes any 7 items from our entire current collections! Hoodies, pants, tee's, tops, rompers, dresses, sweaters. You choose. That's potentially worth between $220 - $350 RRP!! Postage is still on us.
0 Chosen | 15 AvailableEst. delivery is February 2015
A$250 +Bakers DozenNo prizes for guessing how many things you'll get for this pledge!! Choose any 13 items as the Lucky 7's pledge states. We'll also being passing on a 20% off online voucher that you can keep or gift. Also with your permission we would like to do a social shout out to thank you for your extreme generosity. There are only a very small number of these pledges available to offer. It's potentially worth between $400-$650 RRP!
4 Chosen | 1 AvailableEst. delivery is February 2015