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So, I moved up to the country a few years ago - into an old hay shed on the top of the Great Dividing Range in central Victoria. It's cold and windswept up there, but i've learned to love it. The air is clear on the top of the hill at night, especially in winter - so many stars, you feel like you could almost fall into the sky.

Since moving up there, I did a bit of this sort of stuff, well I tried my hand at it...

And after staring out the back window for a while...

And at the weird faces burt into the walls of my shack...

I started writing again...

I've written a fair few songs up there in the past couple of years - the songs all seem linked to that part of the world, somehow….

Here's one of one of the first songs I wrote up on the hill…'Pretty Sally'.

I began recording the new album at Marcel's place at the start of 2013 - here's a photo of my guitars at the ready on the first day...

Eighteen months seems like too long to record an album, I feel sorry for my producers Marcel Borrack and Tim Harvey - but the project has been enjoyable and the songs have been built up with extreme care and consideration. In many ways this has been Marce's and Tim's project too - they have had complete creative control (well, to a point), and they've simply made my songs so much better.

So, we've finished recording the album - now we need to master, press, get the artwork done, package it and launch it. Here's where you come in. I need to raise some funds to finish the project - I've booked a launch date - Friday 24th October, so it's a matter of some urgency...

Some Of My Previous Work

Well, many of you know that after The Warner Brothers, Dan & Al and Overnight Jones I recorded a couple of solo records.

The first one was a concept album, an album of portraits called 'A Likeness of You'. One of my favourite songs is the last track on this album - 'Pastures'...

My second solo record was, of course, "Night Parrots". On the Parrot the idea was to re-record my best old songs in the way I had always imagined them. This was the first time I had worked with producer, Marcel Borrack. I'm glad we finally got  'Bernie' right.

How The Funds Will Be Used

I still need $5000 to get the CDs in their cases and the album launched. Here's the budget breakdown of where your money will go:

MASTERING - $1200 (this is the final step in the mixing process and must be outsourced - cleans up the audio ready for pressing)
CD PRESSING - $2000 (this includes the booklets, the actual CDs and, also, assembly)

The Challenges

For me, now, the main challenge is finding the funds to finish the record on time.

As I'm a solo artist, I have no other band members to contribute to the album financially. Every spare dollar I have has gone (with love) into the project.

Unfortunately, I've simply run out of savings...
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