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What do we do?
We turn empty spaces into creative places. Our murals have transformed laneways from drab and dangerous areas (attracting negative behavior) into attractive places

Artwork and media by UMPEL 
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Street Art Walking (SAW) was recently invited to be part of Project for Public Spaces inaugural event 'Placemaking Leadership Council Meeting' which is to be held in Detroit, Michigan on 10-12th April, 2013. Yet, with short notice of this great opportunity, our director needs your help to get there.

If we can your help to to cover flight costs, that would be amazing. There are a few other things that we'd love to do, which you can see in the budget below, to share with your on our blog. But, at this stage, getting onto Detroit soil is the main goal. As you will see, we have some special contacts that we would be so happy to visit to interview and document. The Detroiturbex Tour would be such a treat for us (and you!) as we will be blogging about it directly from Detroit. (If you can help support us to get there, that is).

If we go beyond our target, we will put any remaining funds into hosting a presentation to show our journey. We would also love to make a Detroit dedicated mural in Newcastle, so that we can show a physical link to that Motor City. So don't worry if we have reached our goal, we creative ventures that we would you to support and we will keep you in the loop with everything that happens!

It is a huge honour to be invited to be a member of this leadership council, as SAW has been striving for a more vibrant Newcastle since we started making murals in Newcastle, turning empty places into creative places. We have even made a map with all local art and we would love to expand our map to reach Detroit, Michigan!

SAW Director will be in Detroit for two weeks and in that time will be meeting with fellow arts and urban explorers who document their city, to blog and photograph the urban environment.
  Daily blogs will be created, as well as hundreds of photos taken (which are to be exhibited later in 2013/early 2014).

SAW has already made contact with the key organisations, whom are all excited to meet and share their stories, which will be blogged on our website.

MBAD's African Bead Museum
The Heidelberg Project
Motor City Muckraker

Newcastle, Australia is in a state of change with many new developments on the horizon. It is vital that placemaking practices are shared with all levels of the community; residents, business owners, council, state government agencies and private developers have an exciting time ahead.

As a member of the council, placemaking advocacy will be a large part of SAW's role. To place Newcastle, Australia on this global platform at such a vital time is a great opportunity for our artists and organisation, but also the community and the clients that we work with.

Please see below for the engagements that SAW will undertake as a member of the council:

Leadership Council member contributions and benefits
1) Strategic meetings
• Attend the annual Leadership Council Forums to review accomplishments and discuss strategy for the upcoming year. The meetings will also be an opportunity to network and strengthen the community of membership we aim to cultivate.
Actively host Placemaking forums, conferences or meetings in their own town, city or region (as appropriate) to engage their community about its local Placemaking issues and successes.

2) Placemaking advocacy
• Grow the Placemaking Campaign by promoting Placemaking to a broader audience with campaigning in your own town, city or region.
• Actively grow Placemaking networks by finding opportunities to link your own networks with those of other Council members, including linking PPS to potential strategic partners (such as academic institutions, government bodies and foundations).
• PPS will work actively to link Council members with each other and its extensive international network of individuals, institutions and organizations.

3) Research and communications
• Deepen, consolidate and share Placemaking knowledge by participating in research initiatives, as Members’ input is essential for identifying Placemaking knowledge and research ‘gaps’. PPS will collaborate with you to develop mutually beneficial projects in the theme and agenda areas, and which can be communicated more broadly to help support the Placemaking Campaign.
• Provide assistance with forming an international fellowship/internship program along with a certificate program for people who complete a year of work within our office..
• PPS will actively highlight and promote Leadership Council members’ achievements through our on- and offline networks (articles, social media, videos, forums, workshops), so that the insights you have gained can benefit a broad audience.

Flight (Rtn Syd to Detroit) = $1700
Accomodation (Airbnb) = $600
Detroiturbex Tour + Hire Car (Safest way to get across The D!) = $300
Conference Fee = $300
Other travel/transport costs = $200 

Total = $3100

WOW! So we reached our goal and beyond? What else can you help fund?

Presentation (venue, projector hire, refreshments) $500
Mural in Newcastle dedicated to Detroit $1000
Printed copies of our map (Copies to go nationally wide) $2000

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A$10 +Personalised thank you email
1 Chosen | 19 AvailableEst. delivery is May 2013
A$25 +Postcard from Detroit. A typical tourist style postcard with personal message, sent direct from The D in April. (I will try and find some cool ones like the picture but something tells me that might be tricky)
17 Chosen | 3 AvailableEst. delivery is April 2013
A$50 +'Hello my name is' sticker with your name written on it and photographed in Detroit, It will be like you are there in The D with us! Guaranteed the cheapest way to be in Detroit :) PLUS A PERSONALISED POSTCARD FRON MOTORCITY. Send us your name and we will put in on a sticker. Photo emailed to you.
7 Chosen | 23 AvailableEst. delivery is April 2013
A$150 +A three hour guided walking tour of Newcastle, including Street Art Walking sites and other local hot spots. We can do the tour on pushbikes or walking. You will need: - good walking shoes - suncreen - camera - adventurous attitude - appetite for exploring We will finish tour at a local cafe (at your own cost, if you want to eat or drink). PLUS A POSTCARD AND STICKER FROM DETROIT
0 Chosen | 5 AvailableEst. delivery is July 2013
A$200 +Dedicated blog post to you from Detroit, plus Signed unframed photographic print of detroit (Your choice from 5 photos taken whilst overseas) If you have a web link or logo, please send and it will be featured in the blog post. PLUS A POSTCARD AND STICKER FROM DETROIT
1 Chosen | 1 AvailableEst. delivery is June 2013
A$400 +A full day with yours truly to pick my brain including sit down lunch meeting in Newcastle, Australia, with some good conversation to share stories and photos of Detroit. All questions answered, unpublished photos shared. PLUS YOU GET EACH REWARD ABOVE (Travel to/from Newcastle not included – lunch only)
0 Chosen | 2 AvailableEst. delivery is March 2013
A$1000 +Major sponsor recognition for the first Placemaking event held after Detroit to be hosted in Newcastle. This will be held before the end 2013. Includes: - your logo on all marketing material (posters, flyers and agenda) promoting the workshop - logo presence on Street Art Walking website for 6 months - acknowledgements given during opening and closing of workshop/presentation - banner presentation at event (must provide own banner)
0 Chosen | 2 AvailableEst. delivery is December 2013