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Freedom Runners was born over 2 years ago when Mimi suggested we run 2350km across the Freedom Trail in South Africa. We had never met before and I thought she was crazy for suggesting we do such a foolish thing..  2 years on, countless of skype calls, emails and a meet up in London,  the Freedom Runners Project is well and truly happening.

On September 25th this year Mimi Anderson  (52 years of age from the UK) and myself Samantha Gash (29 years of age from Australia)  are running 2350km across South Africa. The run will take 32 days and we plan to run an average of 80kms every day - that is 64 back to back marathons. I am puffed just thinking about it. 

The physical challenge is one thing but the bigger challenge is our goal to raise $50K (AUD) to establish a social enterprise business in the Free State province of South Africa. The social enterprise business will gainfully employ a dozen South African women to manufacture feminine hygiene products that will be distributed at low cost to around 1500 school girls in the community. The lack of affordable feminine products and social stigma towards menstruation is a limitation for girls in South Africa attending school and receiving education. Menstruation is a topic that people do not want to discuss - statistics show that 1 in 3 South African girls do NOT attend school during menstruation. 

This social business, which will be project managed by Save the Children in South Africa. Our goal is to work towards a sustainable solution to this issue. It is NOT a hand out - it is enabling South African women to empower each other through education. 

our website for further information is www.freedomrunners.org

Some Of My Previous Work

Mimi is an ultra running weapon. She is a two time World Record Holder for running incredible distances across the length of Ireland  (345 miles) and from John O’Groats to Lands End (840 miles). She started running at the age of 36 after suffering from anorexia for 15 years. in a nutshell this women is made of tough stuff and her journey from insecurity to confidence is one that I greatly admire. 

am the rookie of the pair. I started my running journey in 2010 when I ran four, 250km desert ultramarathons in an eight month period - in Chile, China, Egypt and Antarctica. This opened my eyes to how far I could push my body and mind if I had commitment and belief in myself.  I've been able to relive this experience, how many tears I shed and my awful fashion choices multiple times over -  because my journey was captured in a film called Desert Runners. In 2011 I ran 222kms non-stop across the himalayas and my most memorable running adventure to date was a 379km non-stop run across the Simpson Desert. Here I used my running to raise funds for a domestic program with Save the Children - this meant more to me than running for myself ever could. 

How The Funds Will Be Used

To fund both the social enterprise business that is being established by Save the Children and the awareness campaign. 

The Challenges

1. Running 2350kms - it is a long way. The project is far bigger than Mimi or myself. We currently haven't allocated any rest days but if we need one, we will take one. Any more than that - then the other runner will continue and the "rested runner" can rejoin when they are able. If we both need "rest" we will rally the troops of our friends in South Africa to continue the run in the name of the Freedom Runners.

2. Raising $50K - fundraising is tough and there are loads of amazing causes out there. We have a pretty solid fundraising and media strategy thanks to an awesome team and project partners. 

3. Safety - we have a personal security officer joining us on the run and a crew that will be joining us on mountain bike when we are inaccessible by vehicle. 
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A$80 +1. A special edition Freedom Runners top (to be designed by our friends at The Brave - please select size & ladies select whether you want a tshirt or a tank) 2. A digital high resolution image taken during the expedition (emailed to you when we return) 3. A Freedom Runners wristband (valued at $5) 4. Entry into a raffle to win a pair of Brooks shoes (available only to Australian pledgers) *available worldwide ($4 postage fee)
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A$120 +1. Join Freedom Runner Samantha Gash for a training run in the Dandenong Ranges or Yarra Trails. Ask her whatever questions you want on trail running, racing and her thoughts on nutrition and gear. She will bring running nutrition for you to try out during the run! 2. Receive a 1 hour treatment session with Samantha's choice of treatment provider Keith Bearne. He specialises in dry needling, fascial and stretch therapy techniques, deep tissue massage (value $80) *Melbourne based
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A$350 +1. 3 months worth of online running coaching by two times World Record holder and Freedom Runner Mimi Anderson (valued at $300) marvellousmimi.com 2. High Performance Nutrition Program with one-on-one consultation by Chris O’Driscoll from Brewsters Running (via skype if not based in Melbourne - valued at $180) http://brewstersrunning.com/ *available worldwide
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A$600 +All GoneA very special obstacle racing & nutrition day hosted by World Tough Mudder Champion Deanna Blegg and Amanda Steidle (founder of Turbo Superfood and Healthy Mums). You can bring up to 6 friends along for this adventure! *available in Victoria, Australia
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A$800 +Either: - A screening of the award winning film Desert Runners at your home/school/community organisation hosted by Samantha Gash or Mimi Anderson. - delivery of a keynote/ motivational presentation when Samantha and Mimi return from their 2350km run in South Africa Outside of Melbourne or London travel costs need to be discussed.
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A$2500 +Either: - a screening of the award winning film Desert Runners at your work; OR - a keynote presentation delivered by Mimi or Samantha on our return from their 2350km run across South Africa. Outside of Melbourne or London travel costs need to be discussed.
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