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The South Sudanese Australian National Basketball Association (SSANBA) is a volunteer organisation of Australia’s lesser-known basketball elite. What started as a group of roughly 20 refugee Sudanese men and women, has since grown to 40 teams playing in competitions right around Australia. The 11th-13th of July will see these young men and women meeting again in Penrith for their National Classics Tournament.

At the heart of our organisation are simple goals: to build young people’s self-esteem, develop their life-skills, and provide a structure for growth based on education and sports. But this is more than just basketball. We offer a safe haven for many youths, steering them away from crime and the trouble they may find wandering the streets, simultaneously teaching the importance of study, commitment, and family.

We are also on the cusp of a new phase of growth! With many of our products showing great promise in the US College system (the highest honor for club level basketballers around world) - as well as this, we have a whole new wave of young players coming up behind them.

The SSANBA National Classics tournament is growing fast. It started in 2003 with just four teams getting together and catching up in suburban Melbourne, using basketball as the vehicle. From this, it has organically grown to forty teams and expanded to every corner of Australia! This year the National Classics will be hosted in Penrith on July 11th-13th. But we need your help!

Things have grown so rapidly that we are now in a position where we must ask for support from the wider community to be able to run the upcoming annual tournament - The South Sudanese National Classics. What's more, we, The South Stars, have been given the amazing opportunity to host this event.

It’s beyond incredible news, but we need your help! We want to put on the biggest and best tournament imaginable! Taking place at the Penrith Valley Regional Basketball Centre, we are expecting a whopping five hundred players and over two thousand spectators at the large-scale tournament event. It’s almost unbelievable to even us!

How The Funds Will Be Used

Your donation will allow us to host the most important annual event in the lives of South-Sudanese Australians – The The South Sudanese National Classics basketball tournament.

All the teams are covering their own costs to fly to Sydney and paying for their accommodation. We also have a committed team of volunteers helping out through the tournament days.

But as hosts, there are logistical costs we have to carry in order to properly plan and run a tournament that 2000 spectators and 40 teams will attend. No amount of goodwill can buy these things - they just cost money!

We are seeking support in any capacity to help us afford:

* Stadium Hire (Penrith Valley Regional Sports Centre) for 3 entire days
* Public Liability insurance
* Security for the events
* Referees for the 40 team match draw
* Admin staff to run the logistics
* Trophies and awards production
* Laminates for players and coaches
* Design and printing the game schedule
* Uniforms for the Sydney team
* Supplies for our end of tournament BBQ

And of course, the most important thing – The basketballs!

Any funds donated to our upcoming SSANBA tournament would go directly to costs associated with court hire, referees, uniforms, refreshments, ticketing and signage for the day.

The Challenges

This growth is inspiring, but it is challenging for us. We are a community- based organization and want to put our best foot forward! The financial support and barracking from fans and enthusiasts would be of invaluable assistance to us. We have plenty of passionate, hard workers but sometimes that is not enough. Any assistance offered would be greatly appreciated beyond words, by both the team here at South Sydney Stars and the South-Sudanese Australian community as a whole.

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A$25 +A BENCHWARMER pledge gets you one ticket to the tournament for the experience of a life time! Thank you, and enjoy the game!
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A$50 +A BOUNCE PASS pledge gets you and a friend tickets to the tournament. Share the experience with another b-ball appreciator, knowing that we couldn’t have done it without you! Thank you!
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A$100 +BUMP THE CUTTER to gain a sweet position by getting your hands on tickets to the tournament for you and a friend, PLUS a signed poster of the South Stars Basketball Team. Thank you!
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A$300 +Did someone from basketball die-hard? This KNOCK OUT reward not only gives you official tickets for you and a friend to the tournament and a signed poster, but you also receive a personal invitation to be in on the upcoming training sessions! Meet, greet, and jump around! Thank you!
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A$500 +Swap CardsThis is a hands on pledge! Grab yourself or a friend a pack of 5 swap cards designed by leading Australian photo media artist Anne Zahalka. Cards will be signed by the players and artist! Plus, receive a special thank you online and at the tournament, which you and a loved one are very much invited to. What a bounty!
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A$1000 +Chest-Pass Pledge! This heart-warming pledge not only covers one child’s training fees, equipment, and jersey expenses for an ENTIRE YEAR! But also gets you official tickets for you and a friend to the next three tournaments, an Anne Zahalka and SSANBA signed poster, a personal mention for you or your company from the players at the game, and yet another warm and fuzzy thank you across our social media outlets. We can’t thank you enough, literally! We're even willing to do a song and dance.
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A$2000 +Zahalka Collectors Item!This lands you an exclusive pack of swap-cards AND posters, signed and designed by one of Australia's leading artists, Anne Zahalka. Known famously for her iconic Australian art, she now offers you a limited edition piece of art! Grab them while they last. The team will ALSO personally deliver tickets for you and your friends to attend the next three games! And, just to remind you of how appreciative we are, we will give a loud shout out of gratitude at the classics. You're royalty.
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A$5000 +Something Money Can't BuyWe’re a quarter of the way up the court, and it’s all because of you! This reward is truly unique. Enjoy an intimate lunch (on the house, of course) with Mayor and Emmanuel and hear their inspirational story of overcoming adversity. But you won't leave empty handed! The guys will hand deliver an exclusive fine art photo of the team, framed, signed, and designed by one of Australia's most highly regarded artists, Anne Zahalka. Tailored art, lunch, and seriously special memories. You deserve it.
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A$7500 +Clooney Signed B-Ball!It’s a plane! It’s a bird! No, it’s you! Sharpen your b-ball skills with a one-on-one training session with the South Stars Basketball coaches, and fly high! You chose the court. We bring the goods. But wait, there’s more! You are now the proud owner of the one, the only, official SSANBA game ball signed by George Clooney himself! And no, we’re not playing. It’s the real deal, and it’s all yours. This is a sincere thank you from the bottom of the every boy and girl’s heart at SSANBA.
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