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The World Cup is here and in my heart I feel a mix of excitement and resentment. The World Cup in Brazil has been a controversial issue for many Brazilians that like me, although being passionate about soccer, have observed its costs to society. A significant portion of the soccer fans believes that investments in health and education should have priority over soccer stadiums. Brazilians are therefore faced with the dilemma of either supporting the nation’s great passion and ignoring its consequences, or standing up for the unfairness and ignoring the event.

It is estimated that more than 100,000 people have been evicted from their homes. While they claim to be assisting residents, the government has only offered illusory compensations; in some instances only a train ticket. Many families and households have had their homes raided by police during the early morning and held at gunpoint.

With that in mind, Samba Cine Club decided to create an event that addresses our love for soccer but also our indignation providing an opportunity to raise awareness about what is happening in Brazil and support those that are affected by the ramifications of hosting the World Cup. If we are inevitably going to watch the matches, we should at least help people from the FAVELAS.

is a one night only fund-raising event. It will begin with a Brazilian Movie about a new dance style from the Favelas followed by performances of various DJs and Dancers like Emma Peel, Saca La Mois and Jess Fairfax, Neda Rahmani and Kathleen Gonzales and Dany Maia, all of whom are interested in researching meaningful cultural expressions and breaking stereotypes. The event will end with a viewing of a match. All the profit from the night will be used to purchase personal hygiene items, food, blankets and mats to be donated to communities that have been forcibly removed from occupations sites in Rio de Janeiro and are now homeless.

Some Of My Previous Work

Jo Oliveira arrived from Brazil in 2008 and co-founded Samba Cine Club (2009), a film club focused in turning film watching into social experience. He also leads Agobloco a Carnival Marching Band that aims to raise awareness here in Australia to other aspects of the Brazilian culture that exceed the stereotypes. Graduated in Scenic Arts, in Contemporary Dance and in Screen he currently works as a buyer-dresser in the Melbournian film and TV Industry. He has worked on several TV ads and video clips as well as the TV shows Offspring and Upper Middle Bogan. He has also performed internationally as a dancer and as an actor for theatre and TV. He is one of the founders of theSamba Cine Club, a recurring event that promotes Brazilian Culture through Film, Music and Cuisine.

How The Funds Will Be Used

It is well known that corruption is a prevalent issue in Brazil, for that reason we nominated civilian representatives who we personally trust in Brazil. They will buy and distribute the goods themselves. No middleman, no political parties, no religion. After the event Financial Statement will be made public.

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A$15 +A Film + 3 PBS DJS + 2 Performances + Visual Arts + 1 World Cup match The Australian debut of the Passinho Dance Off, the movie. Dj Emma Peel, Dj Jess Fairfax, Saca La Mois DJ, Passinho Performances by Kathleen Gonzales and Dany Maia. Visual Arts by Drasko Boljevic And the Eight Finals World Cup Game @ Copacabana International 28/06 doors 8pm $15 For more info go to www.sambacineclub.com
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