Put Pirates in European Parliament

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We think it's time to speak up for you in Europe.

Of course, defending free culture doesn't come cheap. Nor does running elections. We don't get the money we need to campaign from fat-cats and big backers. We get it from people like you.

We're going to need your help.

We're asking to find the £5000 it takes to run in one region of the UK.

You know how this goes; every little helps. And it really does. Let's show that working together really can work.


Heading up the list is Maria Aretoulaki - she runs her own tech business, and is a DJ and promoter. She is Greek born and speaks four languages, a real alternative to the same old faces in British politics.

Also on the list are university lecturer George Walkden and Pirate Party activist and Europe spokesperson Jack Allnutt.

They have the skills, knowledge and passion to be your voice in Europe.

George Walkden

"My aim is address the democratic deficit in the EU, and make sure that decisions are only taken at a European level if it is most efficient and sensible to do so. I will be pushing to raise awareness of the benefits of the EU."

Maria Aretoulaki

"With my unique perspective, having contributed in three EU countries, I know that I can work for you in the European Parliament. I will defend our freedoms. From freedom of movement to privacy, we can do better. I want people to be able to use skills gained across the EU to make a difference right here in the North West. That benefits everyone."

Jack Allnutt

"There's more to life than Nick v Nigel. It's possible to be a positive voice without being linked to the Tories, and it's possible to want change in the EU without throwing the baby out with the bathwater."

The Pirate Party in the European Parliament

The Pirate Party movement really burst on to the scene in 2009, winning 2 of the Swedish seats in the European Parliament. Their success showed it's possible for a positive, radical movement to break through.

Since then, Pirate Party MEPs have been delivering. We defeated ACTA. We stood up for net neutrality - protecting the Internet you want. We've set the agenda on digital rights on the European level. We got the European Commission to take broadband speeds seriously.

Think how much more we could do with British Pirate Party MEPs.

How The Funds Will Be Used

We want to put more Pirate Party MEPs in the European Parliament.

You think that digital rights are important? You like going on holiday, and the chance to work somewhere else in Europe? You happen to think Snowden has something important to tell us all? You're fed up with Nigel versus Nick? You think it's time to stop trading away our rights behind closed doors? You think change is important for Europe without having to turn our backs on it? You think we should recognise the benefits migration brings the UK economy and society, and you're not afraid of what the tabloids say? And much more?

Actually, you think. Full stop.

So that's why we want to run candidates for the European elections.

To be your voice in the EU.
on 22nd May 2014 at 2:00am. The payment portal is closed now.
£1 +As a thank you for your donation we'll include your name and a social media handle on our EU campaign page.
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£5 +All GoneHurry only 40 pledges at this level! Pledge £5 or more we'll send you an piece of Swedish Swag - exclusive items from this year's Pirate Party Sweden campaign. We will also include your name and a social media handle on our EU campaign page. ONLY SHIPPED TO UK ADDRESSES
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£10 +Pledge £10 or more we'll send you a handsome Pirate Party poster signed by Leader Loz Kaye on the back. We will also include your name and a social media handle on our EU campaign page. NOTE: Posters may differ from picture. ONLY SHIPPED TO UK ADDRESSES
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£20 +We want to say thanks to you for donating and supporting our EU candidates. Pledge £20 or more we'll send you a Pirate Party logo T shirt. How good is that ?! We will also include your name and a social media handle on our EU campaign page. NOTE: We only have a limited number of each size so we may not be able to fulfil your reward. Please note a second preference size try to minimise disappointment. Each size is distributed on a first come first served basis. ONLY SHIPPED TO UK ADDRESSES
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£100 +We want to reward you for being so generous in donating, we'll mention you in a personal thanks video from Leader Loz Kaye. *Please leave your contact info so the PPUK team can get in touch*
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£500 +An evening with Pirate Party UK Leader Loz Kaye. Yes really! We want to show thanks to those people who go over and above, so donate today and get a personal meal with Loz Kaye, Leader of the Pirate Party. You can ask him anything you like! DISCLAIMER: Dates for the meets are mutually agreed.
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