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Father Bob Maguire. You might know him from his weekly show with John Safran on triple j, or from the widely praised documentary 'In Bob We Trust'. You might even know him from his time as Parish Priest of South Melbourne for 40-odd years.

But how much do you know about his work helping the homeless and disadvantaged?

Since 2003, the Father Bob Maguire Foundation has been working tirelessly to feed the hungry and house the homeless. The founding principle of the Foundation? Leave No-One Behind.

The Father Bob Maguire Foundation provides food assistance, housing and education to the community. To ensure it can continue it's work providing help to those who need it most, it needs community support. It needs YOUR support.

FATHER BOB SINGS FOR A MILLION is the Foundation’s first ever crowd funding campaign.

Support the campaign and take your pick from signed books, a ticket to a screening of ‘In Bob We Trust’, a personal birthday message from Fr Bob, or even a breakfast with John Safran.

So where does singing come in? Well, with your help, we’re to going to record an album...

Suggest a song for Bob

'Father Bob Sings for a Million' will be a collection of recorded songs, sung by Bob, but selected by YOU.

To suggest a song, post it on social media with the tag #songs4bob.

At the end of the campaign we’ll select the best song suggestions and have Bob record them for you in a studio. If your song is selected, you’ll get a mention in the album credits, a free digital copy of the album - oh, and bragging rights!

Bob not only sings - he can also RAP. Need proof?


A huge thanks to the following for supporting the Father Bob Sings for a Million Pozible campaign.

The Father Bob Maguire Foundation fundraising team is:
Father Bob Maguire, David McDonald, Adam Grant, Liz McCarthy, Ingrid Nason, Adam Ferrier, Bill Jennings, Daryl Lynch, Zach Wheeler

Special thanks to:
Huw Parkinson and Stuart Liddell (Video production)
Jazz Feldy and Noko Washiyama (Graphic design)

Some Of My Previous Work

The overriding principle of the Fr Bob Maguire Foundation is to ensure practical help is directed to the areas of most need at any given time. Most importantly, it’s also a foundation that will hold true to the spirit of one man and his vision; maintaining a dedication to the issues society finds too hard or too loathesome to tackle.

Awarded the Order of Australia in 1989, a Centenary Medal in 2003 and named Entrepreneur of the Year for the Southern Region of Australia for a Social, Community or Not For Profit Organisation, Fr Bob Maguire is one of those men that, every once in a while, is worthy of building a foundation on.

Since 2003, the Father Bob Maguire Foundation has been working tirelessly to feed the hungry, house the homeless and provide education assistance to those most in need. To Leave No-One Behind.

The Foundation feeds over 1,000 people per week and aims to feed 10,000 people each week.

How The Funds Will Be Used

The Father Bob Maguire Foundation provides food assistance, housing and education to the community. To ensure it can continue its work providing help to those who need it most, it needs YOUR support. The Foundation wants to expand its current programs, recruit new staff and build a strong legacy for Fr Bob.

Funds raised from this campaign will be used to run the Fr Bob Maguire Foundation OutreachHQ and projects to support 'the unloved and the unlovely'. OutreachHQ is the base for all of the Foundation's street work - it has food storage, volunteer space, offices and training rooms as well as a community space.

The Foundation's work includes the provision of social workers to support and case manage clients, provide material support and a sense of friendship.

Mentoring and Tutoring programs operate in South Melbourne to support kids to stick in school - Father Bob and the Foundation want to encourage them and make sure there are no excuses for dropping out. The Foundation's Scholarship Program to Albert Park College sends struggling kids to high school and covers the costs of uniforms, fees and books as well as important activities likes sports, excursions and camps.

Want to know how far your pledge will go? Here's a basic guide:

The Challenges

Do you want to live in a community wherever everyone fends for themselves? Do you want to live in a place where the disadvantaged - the unloved and unlovely - are prevented from accessing food, shelter and accommodation? Or do you want to live in a world where no one is left behind?
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A$25 +THE FATHER BOB SINGS FOR A MILLION RECORD (digital download) Be the first to hear Bob’s new tunes, selected by you via #songs4bob. Take it with you on the train, to the park, listen to it in the bathroom in crystal clear 320kbps. It may contain Madonna (we’re kinda hoping it does). Oh, and you’ll get a mention in the liner notes! Rock’n roll!
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A$50 +A BIRTHDAY PHONE CALL FROM FATHER BOB * $50 can pay for medication for a week * What do you get that special someone who already has it all? How about some words of advice and congratulations from South Melbourne’s greatest giver of quotes?
48 Chosen | 2 AvailableEst. delivery is July 2014
A$55 +SIGNED DVD OF 'IN BOB WE TRUST' If you love to laugh, cry, get furious at the establishment, learn about how one person can change lives and why we're doing this campaign in the first place. Signed by the man himself. "One of the best Australian films of any kind in years." - Jake Wilson, The Age ★★★★ "A fascinating insight, very entertaining, irreverent and very moving - four stars." - Margaret Pomeranz, At The Movies ★★★★ Signed by the man himself.
135 Chosen | Unlimited AvailableEst. delivery is July 2014
A$60 +All GoneA SIGNED COPY OF BOB'S BIOGRAPHY, 'THE LARRIKIN PRIEST' (by Sue Williams, published by Penguin) Read the extraordinary story of Father Bob's fraught relationship with the Church administration and his lifelong work with the homeless, sick, criminal and addicted. Spoiler alert: things get pretty heavy on the mean streets of South Melbourne. Signed by Father Bob and everything.
100 Chosen | 0 AvailableEst. delivery is June 2014
A$80 +A MOTHER'S DAY PHONE CALL Have Father Bob give your mum a call on Mother's Day! Does your mum have more knick-knacks, candles and hand creams than she knows what to do with? Well then, get Father Bob to give her a special Mother's Day phone call! Give the gift of giving! Share the cost with a sibling (they probably don't know what to get her either). Every dollar will go to helping those in need in Melbourne. *not intended as replacement to calling yourself. Call your mother.
16 Chosen | 14 AvailableEst. delivery is May 2014
A$100 +What's an album without an awesome promotional poster? Get your mittens on a signed, limited edition copy of the Sings for a Million poster for a cool $100. Father Bob might never make another album like this one - there's more important things to do, like helping the poor and disadvantaged - so this is a truly rare offering. Designed by Jazz Feldy, printed in glorious B2 colour, and signed by the rock star (Father Bob) himself. Get on board!
19 Chosen | 81 AvailableEst. delivery is July 2014
A$150 +A SIGNED VINYL COPY OF FATHER BOB'S RECORD + DIGITAL DOWNLOAD Records don’t get any more real than this. For $150, receive a strictly limited vinyl press of a rare moment in musical history. Don’t have a record player? They’re cheap on eBay. Rather frame it on your wall to show to your dinner guests? We won’t argue with that.
17 Chosen | 183 AvailableEst. delivery is July 2014
A$250 +All GoneAN ORDINARY MORNING WITH JOHN SAFRAN (Melbourne only) *$250 maintains a hope mobile (food van) for 1 week* Morning - when we’re each at our high-functioning, charming best. Pick Safran’s brain, or just pick through the newspaper as he orders you a bagel. Nothing special - cream cheese and tomato - or maybe you prefer muesli and yoghurt?
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A$900 +All GoneA DOUBLE PASS TO EVERY 'WOMEN OF LETTERS' SHOW FOR A YEAR 11 monthly shows in Melbourne and any other special shows around Australia. Never miss out on tickets again. Plus, help Father Bob's Foundation at the same time!
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A$1000 +All GoneMORNING TEA FOR FOUR WITH MELBOURNE LORD MAYOR ROBERT DOYLE (Melbourne only) * $1000 pays a child's school fees for six months * For $1000, you and three others will have the ear of Mayor Doyle over a special morning tea in Melbourne City Council’s equivalent of The Oval Office. Meet the man who runs one of the most culturally vibrant capital cities in the world.
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A$1500 +SING A DUET WITH FATHER BOB! No singing experience required! We'll use the same secret techniques and space age technology to have you singing, rapping or yodelling in time and in pitch on any song you like (within reason).
0 Chosen | 3 AvailableEst. delivery is August 2014
A$2000 +MARKETING ADVICE FROM FATHER BOB AND ADAM FERRIER (Melbourne only) Father Bob and Adam Ferrier will sit down with you for a 60 minute meeting and give you a rather weird hour of marketing advice from both a religious and secular perspective.
1 Chosen | 4 AvailableEst. delivery is July 2014
A$2500 +A CELEBRATORY SPEECH BY FATHER BOB We get weepy just thinking about this. For $2500, Father Bob will attend your wedding, anniversary, naturalisation ceremony party or whatever you like. And give the kind of speech that only Bob could give. He’ll speak, take some cake, and you might even be able to talk him into a dance. The Makarena? Maybe not. Moon River? Now you’re talking! (Melbourne only, subject to availability)
2 Chosen | 8 AvailableEst. delivery is July 2014
A$3000 +A SPEECH AT YOUR ORGANISATION / EVENT BY FATHER BOB (Melbourne only) Hey there, corporate Australia. Is your company groaning under the weight of KPIs, neck ties and a spiritual-less office culture? For $3000, Father Bob will come to your event and deliver the kind of thought-provoking, kindness-evoking corporate speech that only a former Catholic priest could. We’ll even provide a transcript for your weekly internal email newsletter. (Subject to availability. Melbourne only.)
2 Chosen | 8 AvailableEst. delivery is July 2014
A$4999 +How proud are you of your footy club? Pledge this reward and Father Bob will record your club song! From North Shore to Windy Hill, homelessness is an issue that touches every community. So support the Father Bob Maguire Foundation and give your club a karma kick - it might come in handy during the finals!
0 Chosen | 1 AvailableEst. delivery is August 2014
A$5000 +A NIGHT OUT WITH FATHER BOB FEEDING THE POOR (Melbourne only) What price can you put on altruism? You can’t - that’s why this reward is $5000. Invite a small group of friends or take your family to spend a night with Bob and his volunteers experiencing first-hand the kind of work that the Father Bob Foundation does best. You’ll see Melbourne differently for it. You’ll see Father Bob differently for it. You’ll see yourself differently for it. Priceless.
0 Chosen | 10 AvailableEst. delivery is June 2014