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Kath is homeless. She lives in her car. She is not homeless by choice - a hit and run driver left her for dead and she has been forced to have major operation after major operation, having to pay the gap herself because she can no longer work for any length of time and is forced to try and exist on NewStart allowance. She still needs more operations and has no home in which to recover from them.

She has, on average, between 2 and 4 dollars to spend on each meal and, to cap everything off, the fridge she had in her car has stopped working. She needs the fridge, not only to keep fresh food in but also her thyroid medication which, if not kept cool, loses its efficiency very quickly. Kath also has Graves Disease which needs to be controlled with her thyroid medication - it's a life-threatening condition. I, myself, am hyperthyroid and, if I don't take my medication, it makes me tired, angry, irrational, depressed and quite ill. If the medication has been left unrefrigerated, it doesn't help at all. I can't even begin to imagine what life must be like for Kath who is already sick enough from her accident and having nowhere to call home but, despite her medical & physical condition and the hardship caused by her homelessness (and, trust me...if you've never been homeless you have NO comprehension of how difficult it is to survive) Kath tries to stay positive and uses her situation to try and raise people's awareness in order that the plight of the homeless doesn't get ignored or swept under a convenient rug.

She's there on Twitter everyday with photos of the sunrise and explaining her plight to all of us who have the heart and conscience to listen. Please follow her - @kathhomeless and send her messages of support. She also has her own blog...Kath's Blog which contains more in depth information on what she's been through and how she lives her life along with stories that she has written and advice on how to keep yourself fed healthily on a pittance.

Kath is a woman who, through the actions of a thoughtless, cowardly hoon, has had her life turned upside down. She currently relies on a charity organisation to refrigerate her medication and provide shower facilities but the cost of the fuel she uses driving to and fro means that she has precious little left for food, toiletries and, more importantly, to pay the gap on the numerous operations she still needs. I recently contacted Waeco to see if they would find it in their hearts to donate a new fridge to Kath but, as I've received no response from them, not even an acknowledgement of my email, I can only assume that their answer is an emphatic "NO!"

This is why I've turned to Pozible...Kath urgently needs a decent, quality fridge and a battery pack to run it from when her car is parked up. The fridge is an integral part of her life which is why I've specified a high end unit rather than a cheaper one. Any extra funding raised will go to Kath so that it might help pay the gap for her operations and also get her car fixed. Ideally, we'd like to raise over $10,000 so that Kath can buy a camper van and finally have a place to call her own...but a fridge is probably the more realistic option so that's what we're going to aim at.

Please folks...show us that there are still some decent people out there and donate whatever you feel you can afford to help out somebody in need who has had their state (QLD - there's a surprise) turn its back on her. Kath is a wonderful person who is using her own disadvantaged situation to try and help others who are in a similar position...she really deserves a chance at her own happy ending.

Take note that this is something I'm doing off my own back - this isn't something Kath has asked for or asked anybody to do. She has a lot of dignity & a sense of pride and doesn't like to be thought of as begging but many of us have real fears for her health and this is why this campaign has been launched.

Some Of My Previous Work

This isn't about me...it's about Kath

How The Funds Will Be Used

All equipment at current Anaconda prices...

Waeco CFX 65L Dual Zone Fridge Freezer - $1,499
Waeco Cool Power Raps Battery 36Ah - $335.99
Fridge cover - $159.99

Total - $1,994.98

Any extra funds will go to Kath to help make her life a little easier and to pay the gap on her operations. Over $10k and she'll buy a camper van and finally have somewhere to call home, somewhere she can be comfortable in after the next series of operations.

The Challenges

Obstacles? The only ones I can foresee are people not giving a damn and, to be honest, there's nothing much I can do about that...that's between them and their conscience.
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A$1 +Your reward is the knowledge that you've helped somebody who is in desperate need.
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A$100 +You'll get a handwritten letter thanking you for your donation and your help. Kath will also send you one of the stories she's written
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A$250 +You'll get a handwritten letter of thanks and a story plus I'll give you my recipe for fried chicken which I've not given to anybody in the 25 years I've been making it
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A$10000 +Kath will phone you and thank you profusely. If you're anywhere near her current location in QLD, you can also go with Kath to help her choose her new camper van, give it a name (all campers seem to have a name) and she might even make you some lunch. Yes, you can also have a story and the fried chicken recipe.
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