Arts & Culture Day in Pursat Prison

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We are raising money to bringing arts and culture to Cambodia's prisons. If you are unable to attend the Prison Break-In event, then all kind donations are welcome via this website.

"The arts saved my life while doing time. It showed me a new way to live life. Now I'm trying to give the same opportunity as I was given and hopefully expose our young Khmers that are incarcerated a better way of living." - Kosal Khiev

The purpose of the day is to bring hope and light to one of Cambodia's darkest places. We want to let the prisoners know that people do care about them given the often unjust and harsh treatment they have experienced.

We are hoping to raise $2,000. The funding raised will go towards the meal provided on the day to the prisoners as well as the travel costs and per diem for the 20 artists. Additionally, funding will allow us to purchase the tools needed (paint, paper, brushes) for the prisoners to use on the day.

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A$1 +Knowledge that you have brought hope and light into one of Cambodia's darkest places, prison.
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