Platform Offering Comparison Table

PozibleACFKickstarterIndiegogoMy CauseChuffedGoFundMe
Fundraising ModelAll or NothingFlexible FundingAll or NothingFlexible FundingFlexible FundingFlexible FundingFlexible Funding
Focus AreaCreative & CommunityCreativeCreativeTech & GamesCharity & CauseCharity & CauseCharity & Cause
Transaction Fees (AUD)
1.75% - 2.4% + 30c
Absorbed in platform fee3 - 5%3% + 30c2.9%2.0% - 2.9%+ 30c2.25% + 30c
Service Fee3-5%5%5%5%5%0%5%
100% Australian owned & OperatedYesYesNoNoYesNoNo
Automatic DGR receiptsYesYesNoNoYesYesYes
Facebook Pixel IntegrationYesNoNoYesNoNoNo
Google analytics IntegrationYesYesYesYesNoNoNo
Paypal IntegrationYesYesNoNoYesYesYes
Project Approval < 24 hoursYesNoNoYesNoYesNo
Guest CheckoutYesYesYesYesNoYesYes
Free Access to Resources & Real Person SupportYesYesNoNoNoNoNo

Pricing Comparison Table

To make this a little clearer, we've broken down the fees for each platform based on a $7,000 campaign (the average target), across 87 pledges of $81 (the average pledge amount).

My Cause*
Start Some Good*
Merchant Fees
Platform Fees
Fees automatically passed on to supporters
$184.44 - $880.44
Money to Creator

*Social Cause/Charity campaigns only.

Why All or Nothing?

We’re a strictly all or nothing platform which means your supporters are only charged, and you only receive funds if you hit your financial target. It may sound harsh, but hear us out! There are many benefits to running an all or nothing crowdfunding campaign.

Low Financial Risk

By choosing an all or nothing approach, Pozible is less susceptible to fraud and this ensures we maintain our strong reputation. Fees only apply to campaigns that hit their target, so if you're unsuccessful you won't be out of pocket. You also won't walk away with less than you need to go through with your project.

Build Trust

When supporters pledge to your campaign they know that, should you be successful, you will have enough funds to complete your project and therefore fulfill the promise of rewards. After your campaign, you'll leave with a group of loyal supporters who have backed you from the beginning and helped you hit your target. These supporters are your community and will be your future ambassadors.

More Urgency, More Momentum

Having a time limit on your campaign adds a sense of urgency that helps drive more pledges to your campaign. Supporters know they won’t receive their reward unless you hit your target, so they'll join you in helping to push the campaign. Thanks to this, on average all or nothing campaigns raise more funds.

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Why the 5% service fee?

Our team at Pozible works closely with you to aid in the success of your campaign and provide campaigners with as much knowledge as possible to have positive crowdfunding experiences. In order to keep doing this we require a 5% service fee of successful campaigns- we hope you understand!

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Rich With Functionality

Features you can look forward to on Pozible

Keep 100% of What You Raise
Set a booking fee for your supporters & get them to cover Pozible's service fee.

Pre-filled Campaigns
If you see a campaign you like, use it as a template for your own campaign.

Collect Supporter Data
Download a live spreadsheet with all your supporter data & any extra information you request when they pledge.

Stretch Your Target
After you've reached your inital target, set and aim for as many new stretch targets as you like!

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